NuVo's Multiroom Audio Retrofit Installation for Swedish Family Home

The property is relatively new, having been built in 1991, but with technology moving as fast as it does, the structure of the building was not tailor-made for a networked sound system.

Multiroom audio in the nineties meant lots of independent systems in each and every room with no interconnectivity—they were run from power points with no need, or indeed no capability for wireless or networked connections. With limited space for equipment racks and no option for invasive cable runs, a solution had to be found that not only provides great performance, but which has the flexibility to be installed in an unobtrusive way with minimal disruption.

As the chosen local integration firm, the challenge for us was to retrofit a fully integrated, great sounding multiroom audio system that would perform well, with minimal cabling. The system was to provide impeccable sound reproduction throughout every room in the property, be easy-to-use, robust, and family friendly.

We decided to use the NuVo Player Portfolio thanks to its ease of installation, flexibility to use both wired and wireless components within a single system, and its excellent audio quality. The NuVo Player Portfolio is modular and comprises multiple interchangeable zone player options that support one or more zones with various levels of power from 40W to 200W, a wireless gateway, and a player app. The system we specified covers six zones in and outside of the home. It provides instant access to the family's audio libraries on iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc., and also allows them to connect to digital streaming subscriptions, such as Deezer and Napster, as well as seamlessly connecting to a vast selection of Internet radio stations.

lla_Case-Study_Nuvo_Canseda-Swedish-Home-267x400In the living room, we used the P200 Player from the range. We also took advantage of the latest firmware upgrade to connect the television to the system for an improved audio service for both music and video. Elsewhere, we used a P3100 Player that supplies 40W to three zones, covering the kitchen, bathroom and guest bathroom with audio, and a P3500 Player (200W for up to three zones) that services the sunroom and gardens.

Each component in the Player Portfolio series offers a networked connection to audio libraries and digital sources. For control, we used a combination of in-wall- mounted iPod Touch and the NuVo app. The NuVo app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and both protocols will allow the family to stream music from their phones and tablets—and those of their friends and guests—wirelessly through the system. In addition, the networked players can be synchronised in 'Party Mode' to play the same audio source throughout the property. With the option for both wired and wireless players in the same network, we could keep cabling to a minimum. For this arrangement of six zones, the entire cabling for the NuVo system was restricted to a small cupboard space over the fridge in the kitchen, with the cable to the speakers being run throughout the home in the loft space. All of the units in the Player Portfolio range offer mastering-grade, high-fidelity audio throughout the home. In addition, multiple players that are grouped in 'Party Mode' will remain perfectly in sync when playing the same source.


The homeowner, Lars Johansson, is delighted with the installation. As he puts it, ‘The NuVo Player Portfolio is great for providing me with audio all around my home. We often play our Deezer and TuneIn playlists into the living room as well as our own local sources.’ The modular nature of the system means that should Johansson wish to expand the system to add further rooms in the home in the future, all we need to do is add a P100 or P200 Player and some speakers.

1 pcs  Nuvo NV-P3100
1 pcs Nuvo NV-P3500
1 pair Sonance VP86 Sunroom
1 pair Sonance VP66R Kitchen
1 pcs Sonance VP62R SST  Guest Toilet
1 pcs Sonance VP66R SS Bathroom
1 set Sonance Landscape system
8 pcs LS67SAT
2 pcs LS12SUB
1 pcs Nuvo NV-P200 Living room
2 pcs Canton CD1090
1 pcs Canton Sub600

Dennis Nilsson is the Project Manager at Davids Radio TV. Davids Radio TV is part of Euronics, one of Europe's largest electronics retailers, selling integrated home audio and video solutions.

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