De Opera Domotica Stuns Visitors with a High-Class Demo House

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

CEDIA member and home cinema specialist, De Opera Domotica, scooped first place in the CEDIA Awards 2015 for the Best Showroom after wowing judges with its two-storey demonstration home.

The Dutch custom installation company, which prides itself as an expert in modern and intelligent living, has created a plush and pristine 600m showroom, which was recognised by judges as a great facility with a clever and innovative approach.

The aim of the project was to transform a whole building into a demonstration facility, which would provide a complete solution for AV systems, home solutions, and climate control.

De Opera Domotica crafted a two-level showroom on the liberal budget of 200,000 euros. Split into two floors totalling 600m2, De Opera Domotica’s showroom portrays a melting pot of custom installation, interior design and high-end projects at its finest. As an all-encompassing demonstration facility, clients are able to view mid- to high-end scenarios of furniture, home automation and audio, accommodating different levels of budgets.

The showroom is focussed around a central meeting room which is surrounded by different open areas, including a bar, cinema room, audio rooms, dining area and several different relaxing spaces.


The ground floor is dedicated to mid-level furniture and home integration, with various different room displays, including a kitchen, several living areas and three audio rooms all controlled by Control4.

The upper floor focuses on high-end solutions. The entrance is particularly impressive, with a person-following system integrated in the security camera. If the visitor arrives by appointment, this state-of-the-art feature displays an appropriate personalised greeting on the 20-inch Crestron touchscreen.

The showroom also holds an impressive screening room, which is home to an Dolby Atmos cinema, fully prepared to fulfil the DTS:X standard at a later stage and is equipped with 4K sources such as Netflix. Other technical features within the home include the RGBW, DALI controlled LED lighting, which changes from soft green to brown to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Aesthetically, the team focused on the detail of floors, ceilings, wellness and furniture to make sure the interior complemented the high-class technical aspects of the surrounding rooms. The most eye-catching pieces include a rectangular dining table, which hosts six cream leather seats, an abstract chandelier and a number of beautifully designed vases.

A complete working security system, which includes CCTV and face tracking was also established to demonstrate to visitors the high level of security that could be achieved with a smart home installation. Jeffrey Stollwijk, a security advisor from Pinkerton, comments on this security system: “The facility demonstrates the best possible integration of all aspects concerning security and home automation. Our customers want a high class solution presented in a live environment with some privacy to discuss it. With the full integration of the highest grade security system and CCTV system, everything is convenient to handle. This is perfectly demonstrated within De Opera Domotica’s showroom.”

Incredibly, the demonstration building also aims to target all five of its visitor’s senses, making their showroom experience unforgettable. One of the stand-out features is the sophisticated fragrance ventilation system, which pumps out up to four different smells into different rooms. This hopes to attract the attention and create a talking point for demonstration room attendees. This could be the appetising scent of apple pie by the coffee machine, the fresh outdoor smell of lavender or grass, cedar wood in the tranquil surroundings of the library and café latte or fresh bread in the kitchen area.

De Opera Domotica worked closely with local designer, The Concept of Living Designers to ensure that the interior design and technology worked hand in hand. As a standout quality, the facility effortlessly interacts with the mood, feeling and senses of the client, allowing all visitors to connect with the technology on a personal level.

MOREL IN-6H Speakers, LCR4SW LCR-Sub , H17C Hidden in wall
Audica floorstanding and subwoofer speakers
SONOS Playbar and Sub
Fragrance/Scent Machine 4-zones
Samsung 55HU7500 and JU7500
Epson EB1985WU
Projecta HD Progressive Homescreen De Luxe
Future Automation Picture Lift
Control 4 HC800, HC250, SR250, 7” touchscreen
Wisdom Audio SCS Active Subwoofer
Sony FMP-X10
Integra DTR70.6
Epson LS-H10000 Projector
DNP Super Nova One 120
Crestron TPMC-3x, AV2, DGE-2, RGD-LED’s, C2N-AMP, CP2, Pyng hub, HB-100, HB-150, TSR-302, TSW-752, TSW-1052, DIN-DALI
Ubiquiti Router PRO IP-sec
HP Gigabit switch
Ubiquiti Unifi AC cloud managed AP
Kaleidescape M700
Humax iRHD-5300
Middle Atlantic Rack
Lutron Graphic Eye 4-zone
Lutron Shades
Complete MOREL Dolby Atmos Home Cinema
Xgen4 HD-SDI Security Camera – outdoor box version, pinhole version and dome version
Tvlogic Hybrid Recorder
Axis IP-converter
Apple TV