KNX-based Control in London's Connaught Place Apartments


The Harris Grant Group of Companies, has recently designed and installed a highly configurable KNX-based access, environmental control and entertainment system for the residents of Five and Six Connaught Place, London. This high-end install is the result of a three-year project, which saw the merging of numbers Five and Six Connaught Place into a development of five lateral and two duplex apartments with an eventual value of the order of £100 million.

Commissioned by residential property developer, Redrow Homes London, The Harris Grant Group of Companies leveraged the power, simplicity and scalability of KNX to create a versatile, freely expandable solution for each home. The apartments are wired for sound, vision, Internet, telephony, building access and environmental control, offering a state of the art multi dwelling development.

For Redrow Homes, an all-KNX infrastructure means the developer can offer near-limitless options for every apartment owner. All the right equipment needed can be brought together from a wide range of KNX manufacturers to provide the best solution for the project, rather than being restricted to one product or one brand. A KNX control system was supplied in each apartment, and KNX control of the communal heating and cooling systems. Another KNX UK member, Baulogic, assisted with the panel sub assembly, installation, off-site programming and final commissioning.

A KNX-based server orchestrates the lighting and heating as well as the blinds, curtains, drapes and other ambient systems. Multi-touch KNX switches and room controllers provided by different manufacturers offer residents fingertip adjustment of lighting and other functions, alongside bespoke iPad interfaces in every room, all designed by Harris Grant. If the owner wishes for the system to be altered, the functions can be re-configured remotely in an instant from The Harris Grant Group of Companies’ operations centre in Guildford.

Neil Grant, Managing Director at The Harris Grant Group of Companies, comments: “The system’s resilience and flexibility makes it an ideal match for the diverse and highly personal needs of every Connaught Place resident. Using a KNX system makes personalisation easy. For example, if a client needs to reassign a switch to control drapes instead of lighting, it can be easily configured and doesn’t mean costly and disruptive rewiring.”

In addition to the comprehensive building management set up, the apartments offer complete audio and video installations with local audio and video servers in each, as well support for AirPlay, Apple TV, streaming and Internet Radio services in all rooms. This creates the ultimate technology pad suitable for any audio needs and preferences throughout the home.




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