Leviton Security and Control in Italian Luxury Apartment

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

Sometimes, installers have customers with keen attention to detail, like the owner of this building in the center of Vittorio Veneto, a city in northeast Italy.

Integration firm Amadeus was chosen from several choices of installers with entry level, medium, and top-level offers to integrate the luxury property, working closely with two architects, a designer, and a lighting technician (Viabizuno Italy, Stingers company from Treviso, Italy).

The homeowner requested management and control of every sub-system, including temperature, lighting, shutters, audio and more, which was accomplished by Amadeus using Leviton automation solutions. The entire property can be controlled utilising Leviton's OmniTouch 7 touchscreen, placed strategically around the home in several areas. According to Amadeus, the customer finds these controls comfortable and precise and utilises them on a daily basis.

All details and products were explored and vetted by the owner and the installation team. The integration with Leviton’s Hi-Fi distributed audio system features high-end components, including Laboratoriaaudio subwoofers and satellite recessed ceiling and in-wall speakers are built-in to areas like the sauna, bedrooms, and kitchen.

The controls and settings on the lights (dimmed with color controls DMX protocol and DALI) completed the custom construction. Furthering the sleek appearance, temperature sensors are all in-wall and invisible.

The Omni automation system is UL listed for burglary protection, which was a very important component for the homeowner. Having the system being security based with an energy management and entertainment focus was well received due to well-known advantages, including control from an iPhone and iPad and free email/text notifications to mobile devices, and PC-based events.

Ultimately, the homeowner considered the automation and electrical system installations a great success, with the highest possible accuracy and perfectionist attention to detail.


  • OmniPro II Security & Automation Board Only (20A00-21)
  • Expansion Board for Security (17A00-8)
  • International Console with Built-in Speaker Microphone (33A00-1)
  • Hi-Fi 2 Eight Zone, Eight Source Distributed Audio System (95A00-1)
  • iPod Dock, Wireless EU (96A00-3)
  • Volume Source Controls (95A03-1)
  • Remote Input Modules (95A04-1)
  • Two-Way Voice Modules (10A11-1)
  • Access Control Card Readers (75A00-1)
  • Access Control Keypad (54A00-1)
  • Access Control Keytags (78A00-2)
  • Extended Range Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Sensor with Humidity (31A00-8)
  • Water Temperature Sensor (14A00-8)
  • Cellular Communication Center (70A00-2)
  • OmniTouch 7 Touchscreens, White (99A00-1)
  • Link Mobile for PC (1120)
  • Snap-Link Mobile for iOS (on iPad)
  • Smart-Bus HDL Lighting and Motor Controls including HAI Module
  • Bosch Indoor Motion Sensors
  • Optex Wireless Outdoor PIR Detector
  • Aton Storm in-Wall Speakers
  • Aton Subwoofers
  • Samsung televisions
  • Wyrestorm HDMI Matrix + IR Receivers for Video Distribution
  • Geovision IP Video Surveillance
  • Somfy ILT Blinds