Surrey Home Comes Alive with Wyrestorm


Pro Install AV, a consumer electronics integrator based in Essex, was tasked with creating a whole-home integration system in this six-bedroom residential installation in Surrey, UK.

Complete with seven-zone HD zones of stereo audio zones, the Surrey home also features three 5.1 audio zones, Crestron lighting control and automation with one centralised equipment location, and Wyrestorm’s HDBaseT MX-0808-HDBT 8x8 touchscreen Matrix and Wyrestorm 100m HDBaseT bidirectional display receivers selected to drive AV switching and control at the heart of the integration.

Sajid Qureshi, the lead integrator on the project, states that the selection of WyreStorm for Pro Install AV projects is based on several factors that are significant for the success of any installation. “Compatibility and reliability are important considerations for any project, as is the speed and ease of the installation itself.”

The WyreStorm 8x8 HDBaseT matrix was used to transmit full 1080p HD video, HD audio, Ethernet and bidirectional control via IR from a centralised AV location to displays located up to 100m/328ft away using unshielded or shielded Cat-5e/Cat-6 cable, with control system integration achievable via RS232 including full compatibility with leading control systems.

“We have been impressed with the variety of the WyreStorm line up and the quality of the products, with excellent compatibility found across WyreStorm ranges and with other manufacturer’s products, as well as with the support we received prior to and during the job from Wyrestorm staff – all in all it was it was exactly what you would want from an installation,” Qureshi says. “The WyreStorm HDBaseT matrix was the perfect choice of to achieve the highest performance in video distribution and integration required by the client for their budget, and as the whole house was to be controlled via panels and a Crestron 3-Series control system, the compatibility of WyreStorm’s HDBaseT matrix with all connected devices was instrumental in achieving this objective.”

With a real variety of HD sources including multiple SKY HD, PlayStation 3 consoles, a media server and CCTV, transmissions are switched and distributed to different displays in different zones via the 8x8 matrix and HDBaseT display receivers, with control of all sources and displays from any location in the house possible with the bidirectional IR control and serial control integration with the Crestron system.

The living room boasts a Panasonic 55vt50 flat panel and a 3M recessed in ceiling screen with a trigger; JVC X30 3D projector on a motorised lift with trigger, with a range of flat panels varying in manufacturer and size from 40 to 55 inches in the loft space, front lounge, kitchen, master bedroom, with the home CCTV system integrated into the entertainment system, complete with a Redcare monitored grade 2 security alarm and intercom.

Finally, Pro Install AV included a smart bathroom mirror TV to view any source connected to the WyreStorm HDBaseT matrix at the touch of a button from the comfort of the bath tub to add a further touch of class and complete a luxury AV, CCTV and lighting custom install that surpassed all client expectations.


  • 1 x Wyrestorm MX-0808-HDBT 8x8 HDBaseT HDMI Matrix Switcher
  • 6 x WyreStorm RX-100IR-HDBT HDBaseT Receiver
  • 2.5M recessed in ceiling screen with a trigger
  • JVC X30 3D projector on a lift
  • Onkyo TX-NR818
  • 2 X Q7000 subwoofer
  • Kef CI Surround Sound (rear ceiling speakers; motorized center speaker)
  • CI9000’s for the front right and left channels.
  • Crestron CEN-RFGW-EX gateway
  • Crestron MLX-3 remote control
  • Crestron c2n-io
  • Panasonic 55vt50 TV
  • Denon AVR2312, Kef ci160qr
  • REL T9 Subwoofer
  • Crestron CEN-RFGW-EX gateway
  • Crestron MLX-3 remote control
  • Crestron c2n-io
  • Samsung 40ES5500 TV
  • 2 x Kef ci160cr
  • Launch port Base station for IPAD
  • Sony 55” TV
  • Denon AVR2312
  • REL T9
  • Crestron CEN-RFGW-EX gateway
  • Crestron MLX-3 remote control
  • Crestron c2n-io
  • Mirror TV
  • Sony 40” TV
  • 2 x Crestron din-pws50
  • 1 x Crestron din-ap2 lighting processor
  • 2 x din-block
  • 1 x Crestron din-hub
  • 11 x Crestron din-1dim4
  • 3 x Crestron din-1dimu4
  • 2 x Crestron in-8sw8
  • 1 x Crestron din-4dimflv4
  • Crestron CP3e 3 Series processor
  • Crestron st-com
  • 2 x Tripp-lite 1500va UPS
  • Sonos connect
  • Crestron C2N-AMP-4X100