ELAN Controls Utah Home with Indoor Aerial Gym


Zane Hansen, who helps to develop extreme recreation parks throughout the United States, recently brought his expertise to his newly-built 13,000-square foot home in Mapleton, Utah, where he incorporated an indoor aerial sport obstacle gym for his family and friends to enjoy.

“We have five young kids that each have an enormous amount of energy,” Hansen said. “I thought it would be fun to create an environment that would allow for more active family time. My wife and I both agree there are too many kids sitting around these days. Recreation is a key element for a healthy lifestyle.”

Complete with a “Ninja Course”, rock climbing wall, aerial silks, custom wall murals, and a basketball court, Hansen needed a way to seamlessly control the indoor aerial sport obstacle gym’s lighting and audio to differentiate its environment from the rest of the home. To design a reliable home automation system, Hansen called on local technology integrator Luke Whatcott of Greenline Home Solutions. Whatcott relied on an ELAN Entertainment and Control System as the central hub of the home’s entire technological ecosystem.

Now, through an ELAN gSC10 Controller, supported by an ELAN g1 Controller, and an ELAN S1616a Multi-Room Audio Controller, Hansen and his family can control their audio, climate, security and lighting systems remotely from within the home or anywhere in the world.

"Control at the touch of a button is really important for Zane to create a unique environment within the gym than in the rest of the home,” Whatcott said. “Whether he’s traveling for business or working in his home office, the ELAN system offers seamless control of every element.” 


Beyond enabling total control, Whatcott and his team were tasked with designing a powerful audio system that delivers a deep bass. With 21-foot high ceilings in a room that Whatcott describes as an “enormous box", generating crystal clear sound was a challenge. “Their company is used to having elaborate audio systems in their parks, so audio was an extremely important component of this installation,” Whatcott continued. “We had to use high-end speakers and subwoofers to truly deliver.”

To make sure that the music was really felt and not just heard, Whatcott mounted two Sunfire XTEQ subwoofers in the upper corners of the gym, with SpeakerCraft CRS in-ceiling speakers installed throughout. “The Sunfire and SpeakerCraft products make a great pair,” Whatcott emphasized. “Together, they create the sound that we were looking for; the in-ceiling speakers direct the sound while the subwoofers really deliver the power.”

The gym’s audio system is tied into the lighting system; the black lights and LED lights can “listen” to the beat of the music and “dance” in different arrangements. “We wanted to do something really cool by marrying the lighting and the audio, and we were able to do that pretty easily,” Whatcott added. “Zane is also able to control the lighting and the music together with one of his two gHR200 remotes or with the ELAN app on his smartphone.” 


Beyond the recreational space, Hansen also wanted the best security system possible to make sure that his family would be protected. With 11 cameras on-site both indoors and outdoors, he wanted to consult in one centralised location to ensure that his house is secure. “Through the ELAN app, I am able to view the security cameras from anywhere in the world,” he said. “It gives me peace of mind to check-in on my family and make sure that they are well!”

Additionally, Whatcott and his team installed a powerful audio system in the home’s custom-built theatre. The theatre boasts a 145in. screen with a high quality projector, both of which are controlled through the home’s central ELAN system. He also incorporated two Sunfire XTEQ subwoofers to guarantee a dramatic and sensory sound experience.


Although Hansen and his family officially moved into the home a few months ago, they had time to watch the ELAN system in action while the home was showcased in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. “I have never used a home automation system before,” Hansen concluded. “Through the showcase, I was able to get a grasp on what it does and what it will do for my family. I am so excited to continue to use it for entertainment, security and beyond.”

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