Entertaining in the Great Outdoors

Stealth Outdoor AV Case Study 1

Armor Systems, owned and operated by Barry and Yavonne Dorsey since 1997, is a top-tier purveyor of home entertainment, control and automation systems, to a burgeoning high-end client base.

Barry experienced one of the first demonstrations of Patio Theater and immediately recognised a very desirable and unique solution for his clients with Stealth’s large-format, weatherised, outdoor entertainment system.

The homeowners desired a large-screen pool-side entertainment system to be able to watch their favourite shows, movies and sporting events outside during the day and realised that Patio Theater could not only provide an enviable theater experience whilst using the pool area, but also enhance its purchase value by addressing environmental issues that other solutions could not.

Stealth Outdoor AV Case Study

Stealth Patio Theater overcomes two major challenges of nature—weather and sunlight—which traditional systems cannot without re-purposing indoor technologies through additional protective coverings or other measures; some of which reduce the capabilities of the devices they are protecting.

Patio Theater’s vibrant LED screens create a hi-definition outdoor display experience viewable anywhere within the owner’s outdoor pool and spa area. The large 103-inch display, also available in sizes up to 155-inches in size, is attached to advanced Stealth Outdoor AV Case Studymotorised lifts and mounted in a robust marine-grade custom enclosure. This approach makes for a system that is bright enough to be viewed in broad daylight when extended and then fully protected from the environment when retracted—perfect for handling the notorious humidity, heat and critters that exist in central Florida. The direct LED display provides an eye-popping luminosity of over 1,800 nits and has a typical service life of up to 100,000 hours of normal usage.

Audio for the project was an inherent part of the standard Patio Theater system and built directly into the screen enclosure via Stealth’s patented IP-68 invisible speaker and subwoofer speakers. The high-output speaker system is fully sealed and invisible to the eye because there are no speaker grilles; the enclosure speakers are standard Stealth LR3G full-range speakers for LCR and multiple B30 dual 8-inch subs, all of which utilise Stealth’s solid UV-protected FidelityGlass, a flat-front radiating technology to create a well-defined sound system. Stealth’s SA2400, high-current DSP-based 450W power amplifiers drive the speakers and provide factory pre-configured sound optimisation, which minimised the need for onsite sound system tuning. The system is connected to the home automation system and video sources making it a seamless outdoor extension of the owners’ indoor entertainment system.

“The TV is truly unbelievable,” said the client. “We were surprised to see how well the LED screen brightness performed in broad daylight, not to mention the vivid natural colors and deep contrasts. I have to admit this is the most fantastic addition to outdoor lifestyle.”

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