Sunfire Powers Denver Dolby Atmos Home Theater

Why go to the movie theater when you can create the same audio and visual experience without leaving your house? That’s what one Denver suburb homeowner considered during a complete AV renovation of his 15,000-square foot house.

To make his home theater vision a reality, he turned to a local well-known technology integration expert Larry Page of Page Digital to design, build and install a Dolby Atmos home theater. To give the homeowner the cinematic experience he desired, Page relied on Sunfire by Core Brands, with three Sunfire CRW3 in-wall speakers, four Sunfire CRW2 in-wall speakers, four Sunfire HRS1 subwoofers, and a Sunfire TGA-7401 amplifier.

“In addition to the powerful audio produced by Sunfire, this home theater is fully equipped with ELAN-controlled lighting, projection and seating,” Page said. “It defines comfort and convenience, while simultaneously delivering high resolution visuals and crisp, 360-degree audio.”

Core Brands_Dolby Atmos_2016_03_Denver_051

Anchored by a Stewart projector screen, the high-impact theater incorporates in-ceiling speakers and in-wall subwoofers that do not visually overpower the space. With the help of Core Brands Sales Representative Brian Reiter, Page developed a custom-built a Dolby Atmos theater that surrounds the audience in 360-degree sound.

“Brian and I designed a system that would truly encase the viewer in what they were hearing,” Page explained. “In addition to seven Sunfire in-wall speakers and Sunfire HRS1 subwoofers, I incorporated four SpeakerCraft AIM 285 Atmos in-ceiling speakers to propel sound downwards. The configuration successfully envelops the audience in immersive audio, emulating the audio experience of being in a movie theater.”

Core Brands_Dolby Atmos_2016_03_Denver_027

For the visual component, Page installed an automated Stewart 156in. MicroPerf screen paired with a 4K Sony projector. Page designed the system so that the projector electronically adjusts the frame of the projected content — normally projected in a 2.35:1 presentation — to match that of the screen.

Core Brands HT Dolby Atmos_tech spec copy“In order to customize film content to adjust to the screen without the typical ‘black bars’ you’d see above and below the content, I installed a mechanism that electronically adjusts so the projection fills the screen,” Page explained.

To deliver comfort and convenience simultaneously, Page installed 11 electric recliner seats, configured in two rows, which can be re-positioned at the touch of a button on the homeowner’s Apple iPad that is integrated with an ELAN controller.

 The home theater’s Lutron lighting, audio, seating and projection system are all integrated with the home’s central ELAN gSC10 SystemController. With several ELAN touch panels on the walls and multiple Apple iPads equipped with the ELAN g! Mobile app, the homeowner can control the theater from anywhere.

The homeowner was so impressed with Sunfire’s audio quality that he had Page outfit his all-new game room and family room with Sunfire CRW2 in-wall speakers, Sunfire CRWS3 Speakers, and a Sunfire HRS10 Subwoofer to bring high-impact audio to the rest of the house. Page also has plans to add four Sunfire CRW2 in-wall speakers to the entryway.


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