Appeal: Blinds and more, integrated into YOUR set-up

Partnering with Appeal offers a wealth of unique shading solutions, and a team dedicated to incorporating our systems into your project.

Shading is an essential part of home automation – the most impressive 9.2 audio won’t make up for a shaft of light across the TV screen. But, usually, integrating shading into your system is a challenge – a bad choice between trying to do it yourself or leaving it up to the client to muddle through. 

Not if you become an Appeal Home Shading Affiliate. You don’t just recommend us, you add us to your team, as specialist powered blinds experts. As your partner, we will take responsibility for providing tailor-made, hi-tech solutions and aesthetic choices your client will love. We liaise with you all the way, to ensure seamless integration, and give you the support of both our technical team and a dedicated contact. Essentially, you are expanding your portfolio to offer a fully integrated shading service, without having to learn a new specialism.

What’s more, you take an attractive commission and your client benefits with a complimentary discount too.

ULTRA Smart Roller Blinds on Bi-fold Doors
Roller Blinds

Reputation is everything
With over 30 years of experience, Appeal Home Shading has become the choice of discerning customers for bespoke shading solutions in high-spec homes. Our award-winning service (Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award 2020) and ground-breaking products result in a high percentage of repeat customers. 

Like you, we at Appeal know that long-term reputations, cementing relationships with clients and word-of-mouth recommendations are more important than a one-off deal. That is why we give clients more time and effort than our rivals would consider. You can trust us to deliver a professional service with unparalleled expertise, enhancing your reputation for having recommended us. 

We have a deep understanding of light and shade and specialise in solving challenges without compromising on aesthetics and performance.

Partnering with Appeal:
● Gives you an additional revenue stream:
     - Attractive referral commission on every order
● Allows you to offer specialist automated blinds and other shading solutions
     - With expertise and unparalleled client service
     - Without risk
     - With full consultation over integration
     - Without worry over design consultancy, measuring and installation
     - With a five-year guarantee on all products 
     - Coverage across the UK
● Enhances your reputation with clients
     - Appeal presents to clients as your partner
     - They receive a complimentary discount when contacting Appeal through the partnership
     - Expert, no-pressure design consultants
     - Installers who take enormous pride in their work
     - Products manufactured and hand-finished in the UK, at our Bristol workshop

Haus mf1650 Awning
Haus Awning

Solutions for every challenge

The timeless practicality of roller blinds makes them an ever-popular solution for home cinemas, as well as any room with full-length windows or glass doors. Appeal specialises in powered blinds, so our rollers can be wired into the mains and integrated into your home automation system. Alternatively, we can offer a Li-ion battery-powered retro-fit solution. Appeal blinds have the latest rechargeable battery available – simply topped up like a mobile phone every 15 months for a typical blind. Blinds can be incorporated in the home automation system directly or via dry contact or RS485 controls.

Appeal roller blinds come in over 400 different fabrics – not only a spectrum of colours, textures and patterns, but specialist performance fabrics too. 

We offer a heat-reflective semi-transparent screen fabric which provides privacy, while allowing the occupant still to enjoy the views. We also have blackout fabrics for the complete home cinema experience – and can combine two layers of blinds for the different requirements in the same room at different times. With the potential of UV damage to furnishings and OLED TV screens, Appeal can supply heat and light sensors for automated reaction to conditions – again, all integratable.

Of course, roller blinds are not always the best solution. Working in consultation with you, our advisors can recommend a range of different blinds. These include elegant Pleated blinds, sumptuous Roman blinds, versatile Venetian blinds, our original French Pinoleum blinds, hand-woven from wooden reeds, for orangeries, garden rooms etc, and even the highest-quality shutters (included in any Affiliate agreement despite not being powered!).

More than that, Appeal can offer blinds for spaces where it is usually extremely difficult to shade. We’ve picked out two of our specialist solutions for, shall we say, challenging architecture!

● Gable End Blinds Glass-filled gable ends in barn conversions or in lodge-style new-builds always seem a wonderful source of natural light on the blueprint. But they are always difficult to shade. Appeal has created the ClearView gable end pleated blind – neat, attractive, functional and fully integratable. The blinds retract completely when not required, leaving an unobstructed view. When needed, like a beautifully choreographed waltz, they move in unison and come together to shade the room. Blackout and heat-reflective options are among the myriad fabric options.

● Lantern Roof Blinds Skylights are another tricky-to-shade natural light source. Appeal’s Lantern Roof Blind is the neatest (and best value) solution available. It has no unsightly guide wires and is the slimmest on the market. The pleated honeycomb blind provides a thermal barrier to help insulation at night as well as protection from sunlight during the day. 

Finally, Appeal’s offering is not limited to the interior of the home. Our range of state-of-the-art, German-engineered Haus external awnings can be included in a home integrated system too. Available in a range of colours, and made to measure, just like everything we offer.
Honeycomb Gable End Blinds
Gable End Blinds

Becoming an Appeal Affiliate Partner is simple

● Contact Tina Loveland on 07966 317 634 or email
● Appeal will supply a Partner pack full of materials to help open the conversation about shading with your clients. 
● Whenever you identify the need for a shading solution, bring in the experts and let Appeal organise a design consultation at a time that suits your client.
● Appeal will liaise with you throughout the process to ensure solutions enhance – not compromise – your integrated system.
● Once the order is complete, Appeal will then pay your company the referral commission.