Interview: Matt Nimmons, CEDIA - CEDIA Comes to INDIA

Matt Nimmons, CEDIA’s Operations Director in Region 1 CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) has announced that...

Matt Nimmons, CEDIA’s Operations Director in Region 1 CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) has announced that it will be holding a training event for the Indian residential custom installation sector from 4th – 8th August 2014 at the Sofitel Hotel in Mumbai. • What brings CEDIA to India? The residential custom installation market in India is growing, and growing fast. We now have 35 CEDIA members here and are keen to be able to provide all of the benefits that membership offers to these installers. It is for this reason that we are hosting a 4 day training event in Mumbai. We held a similar event last year and it was a great success. It gave us an insight into the growing market in India and showed us that there is a need for regular training events. We return this year with a broader range of training courses, networking events and examinations. We welcome new and existing members to attend this event and look forward to hearing about how the market is developing in the country. • What is the training all about? We aim to raise the standards within our industry and the best way to do so is by offering high quality education courses. The sessions which we will be offering in Mumbai cover a range of topics, suited to both newcomers and established members. • What will be the outline of the training programme? The event is held across four days and the package includes a variety of courses: Maths, Science & Engineering for Technicians; Residential Networking; Audio, Video and Home Cinema for Installers and RF Distribution Systems/Control Systems. We are also offering installers the opportunity to sit our EST2 Certification examination. Delegates can select relevant courses to generate maximum educational benefit and value for money throughout the course. • Is this training meant only for professionals like installers/dealers/distributors? Can user/enthusiast also be a part of this training programme? Anyone else that can benefit from this training? CEDIA training is targeted at installers, dealers and distributors in the custom installation industry. If you are looking to establish yourself within the market, or have been active for a number of years and want to further your skills and knowledge, then CEDIA training is the right platform for you. • What benefits/advantages does it have over other such training programmes in the world? CEDIA is the only trade body that represents the custom installation market. Our training courses, which began in 1989 when CEDIA was founded in the US, are world renowned and recognised throughout the industry. Education and training has always been at the heart of our activities as we aim to raise the standards of work in our industry. Not only is the content of high quality, but we also ensure that we work with instructors who are best placed to deliver informative and interactive sessions. • According to CEDIA, what edge will the attendees have after having attended the programme? How will they be able to stand out in comparison to their contemporaries in the market? CEDIA offers a structured curriculum programme that helps installers create a career path. Those who complete CEDIA training courses, walk away with expert knowledge and technical skills that are key to maintaining a good reputation in this industry. The education programme covers both foundation and practical aspects to ensure that delegates can continue to deliver high quality projects.
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