POLAR - Taking care of the home front

The office was once the office, and home was once home. Not anymore. The lines between lifestyle choices and work essentials were once clearly drawn. But no longer.

The trend towards the use in the home of what once would have been considered ‘commercial’ technologies is not new by any means, but the circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic have been a catalyst for a revolution that has seen their application at the forefront of a changing way of life. The ingenuity of solutions that hitherto appeared to be the preserve of large educational or commercial projects can be put to equally good use in the home office, home cinema or any number of other domestic or small commercial settings. More often than not, it’s a question of scale rather than type - of choosing the right products to achieve practical and often very impressive outcomes...

POLAR is a name familiar as an established supplier of key industry brands to the AV Integration, MI and professional audio markets, with a dedicated section serving each market sector. With a wide-ranging brand portfolio at its fingertips, POLAR’s Integrated Solutions team works closely with systems integrators to offer a host of professional services to its clients, including system design, product integration, project logistics and programming assistance. In recent years, whilst the company has played its part in supplying and delivering many large-scale, blue-chip AV projects, it has continued to monitor the blurring of the lines between where and how new technologies are applied, and added numerous cutting-edge brands to its already extensive range. 

Demand for innovative solutions in the custom install market has probably never been stronger. Aware from their corporate experience that a myriad of technologies exist to make life easier, customers are seeking to take advantage of those same benefits to improve not only their home-working environments and communications, but also to enhance their leisure time. Demand for home cinema, for example, continues to grow.

POLAR is well-placed to meet and support every requirement of the custom installer for the introduction of the streaming, video distribution, home-conferencing, audio reinforcement, acoustic treatments and much more besides, into domestic and small commercial settings.

POLAR’s market-leading brands include:

AMX - Control and video distribution, including SVSI Networked AVoIP video solutions deliver secure, high quality video wherever it’s required.

ClearOne - Audio conferencing solutions, including speaker phones. Video collaboration tools including PTZ cameras.

Bluesound Professional - Audio streaming solution that offers a versatile way to incorporate music streaming from dozens of music streaming platforms. A combination of hardware and software, the platform provides an easy to install, expandable and secure solution.

Atlas IED - IP loudspeakers, residential loudspeakers, Atmosphere ™ï¸ signal processing platform for a wide range of applications.

Primacoustic - Acoustic room-treatment solutions for a wide range of settings, including home office, home studio etc.

Cornered Audio - Aesthetic sound systems for commercial and custom installation. Unique triangular design makes for discreet and elegant installation on walls, ceilings, under balconies and in corners.

LEA Professional - Amplification with cloud-based monitoring and control.

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