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Lighting design and how it affects our lives – Privately as well as professionally

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We all understand that light gives character to a room. But most of us have grown out of the time when a single lightbulb in our little one room apartment did the job. With lifestyles becoming more sophisticated throughout the years, lighting has made its own developments as well. And no, this article is not talking about the transition from conventional heat creating lightbulbs to energy saving LEDs, but more about trends and styles of lighting – so-called “lighting design”.

In much the same way as any kind of goods that can be designed, lighting design has continually developed, especially over the last ten years, trying to be better with every new season. Whilst creating new designs, the lighting has to be considered as more than something we can measure with a lux meter, something that just lights up the surface or a solid thing without character. 

According to light psychologists, there are four key-elements that we perceive when we enter a room:

1. Ambient light (natural lighting, before artificial light is added)
2. Focal light (Objects and surfaces, to which our eyes are automatically drawn to) 
3. Glitter (Light reflections that stimulates the optic nerves and gives a feeling of well-being and luxury)
4. Colour temperature 
key elements of lighting
The temperature of the colour especially affects our way of living. So warm light gives a warm, relaxed feeling and the feeling of evening, whilst cold white light delivers a harsh and energetic feeling and of course the feeling of day, just as it is supposed to. It could also be the other way around: yellow light during the day and white light in the evening turns the biorhythm upside down and causes and unpleasant feeling. So you see that the right lighting does not only affect how a person perceives a room, it also affects our conditions.

So how does this knowledge about lighting design actually help us?

The demand for sophisticated lighting design, especially in the course of a higher awareness for smart home solutions, is growing. So in order to stand out from the competition, lighting needs to be implemented with a defined design, which is based on experience and knowledge. Taking all design facts into consideration, we will not only increase the level of comfort but also contribute to a better well-being and health!

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