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Security: Gateway to New Smart Home Clients


While convenience is a strong motivator for adopting smart home technology, the top driver in customer adoption is security.

According to a 2016 survey by August Home and Xfinity Home, 63% of consumer respondents said that keeping their family safe was their top reason to consider home automation. This information is critical for dealers looking to appeal to new customers and provides opportunities for them to tailor their “pitch” to satisfy this concern.
Fortunately, there are many ways security can be incorporated into a smart home. It is important to first understand a client’s concerns then provide options that will give them the peace of mind they seek and the comfort and convenience they deserve.
Cameras & Motion Sensors
One of the most in-demand components of automated security is a connected security camera. Being able to video the entry points of a home helps ensure the security and safety of the occupants. Cameras can be trained on the doors, gates, or any other point of entry.
Motion sensors add an additional layer of control to home security. Imagine programming a scene for a customer that triggers certain behaviors based on motion that occurs in or around the home. With smart home automation, it is possible to program a variety of actions dependent on any number of scenarios. For example, instead of simply having motion sensor lights, using a motion sensor and programming a series of lights, both inside and outside the house provides better options. Lights can be programmed to turn on when specific actions occur or to stay on when additional movement is sensed. An audio component can be incorporated, such as a horn or siren. Or the sensitivity can be adjusted so you don’t capture the neighbor’s cat or a windblown bush, all making for a much more advanced security measure.
C4_Security02Video door stations
A newer and exciting option that dealers can offer homeowners, is the video door station—a video and audio system that provides visual confirmation of who is at the door and the ability to communicate via intercom. The Control4 Door Station, for example, delivers full-motion video and high-quality audio for crystal-clear communication. And when used with a Control4 Touch Screen or cell phone, homeowners can see who is at the front door from any room in the house or even the backyard.
Lights & Shades
Smart home automation brings your client’s home to life. When looking at features to provide this important comfort to a client, don’t forget lighting and shades. Give your customers the comfort and safety of returning home to a house with lights already on and shades already lowered. Program scenes that create a pathway into the home starting with the garage light all the way in to the living room or kitchen. An example of innovation in this area is the newest shade drivers from Control4 that give even greater control over shades, including partially lowering or raising shades.
Peace of Mind 
One of the most reassuring features of smart home security automation is the peace of mind it brings to homeowners. No matter where they are—on a beach or in the boardroom—they can check in on their home and make sure all is well. Alerts can be triggered when certain actions occur, like a door being unlocked, the garage door opened, or a motion sensor activating. They can observe camera footage or double check door locks.
At Control4, we’ve gone a step further with our new Mockupancy feature, an advanced program that can be deployed when a homeowner is on vacation. It randomly alternates lighting, shades, and even media to make a home appear occupied. No messing with tricky timers, or leaving that one same hall light on the entire time. Instead, the home will look lived in while still giving homeowners the ability to monitor remotely.
Learning all the ways to incorporate security features into a smart home is a wise investment of time for dealers. Understanding this important entry point for prospective customers will benefit your business. Homeowners will have their concerns over safety satisfied while enjoying the benefits of comfort and convenience that smart home automation brings, making for a mutually beneficial relationship.
For more information, visit Control4.com/security.

Maryann Martindale is Marketing Communications Manager for Control4.