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Whole-Home Control: A Strong, Scalable Network is Essential


While the network is an important element of a connected home, it’s often overlooked, until connections are interrupted or go completely offline.

Today’s average home has many internet-connected devices—smart TVs, streaming products, laptops, iPads, smartphones, game systems, and more. A secure and stable network is not only important—it’s critical, especially when it comes to living in a smart home.

It is easy for homeowners to be attracted to the various all-in-one networking options. Their easy setup and low cost are certainly inviting, but what those conveniences will save them in time will cost them in performance. Entry-level networking devices have limited network features, too few ports (typically four or less), limited location placement options, low grade components, they aren’t scalable, and they come with little to no tech support.

Homeowners deserve stable environments and secure connectivity to control their homes and professional-grade networking devices provide this solution. It is true that this equipment has a higher price tag and requires a more involved setup, but it also delivers the uninterrupted connectivity expected for today’s smart home. For example, a professional-grade router, like the Pakedge RK-1, offers high-throughput performance and traffic segmentation for prioritising latency-sensitive AV traffic. This means your customers won’t have to worry about downloads or multiple streams causing constant buffering. And for integrators, the most important aspect of using professional-grade equipment is the reliability and customisation that will help define the quality of your work.

No matter the size of a home or business, connected devices are accumulating and becoming more and more sophisticated, and it’s important that the home network keeps up. Invest in systems that can scale up or down easily to suit your client’s needs as they change. Adding switches will expand network reach while wireless access points and controllers ensure complete coverage in every part of your client’s home no matter how many Wi-Fi devices they use.

Additionally, with services like Pakedge’s BakPak, integrators can efficiently analyse, update, and manage their clients’ networks from any location, reducing or eliminating telephone support calls and costly on-site visits. Bakpak combines hardware and software into the network for continuous cloud-enabled monitoring and management of connected devices.

A strong network benefits both customers and integrators looking to create a whole home solution. Pakedge networking devices use enterprise-grade components and intelligent programming to deliver optimised performance, especially for AV and automation systems.

With the addition of BakPak, Control4 and Pakedge are providing innovative solutions to both integrators and their customers.

To learn more, visit Control4 and Pakedge at The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) show, in Dallas, Texas, September 13-17.  

Brand Hintze is Control4's Senior Director of Product Marketing.