Why acquiring a major speaker brand helped bring new opportunities to Control4 dealers

Entertainment and audio are crucial pieces of the Control4 ecosystem – the majority of Control4 homeowners currently enjoy multi-room audio – and over the past few years we have made numerous investments to take the Control4 audio and entertainment experience to the next level.

One of the major ventures being when we acquired Triad Speakers, Inc., a leader in advanced speaker technology with premium, built-to-order, custom speaker solutions, in February of this year.

In the nine months since the acquisition, we have brought an impressive amount of Triad products to market including: Triad Designer Series, an in-ceiling speaker and subwoofer with a discreet 4-in grill; Triad Garden Array, a family of all-weather landscape speakers and a flexible subwoofer; six new additions to the Triad R Series, round, high-performance in-ceiling speakers; and a completely new line of high-resolution, multi-room audio Triad matrix switches, power amplifiers, plus the unique Triad One Streaming Amplifier, bringing high-resolution audio to any room of the home.

Control4 Triad Garden Array outdoor speaker system installed in garden

We have also given the Triad brand a major refresh including a new, contemporary logo and colour scheme, updated product and brand messaging – and we even built a new tradeshow booth.

For years, our dealers and customers have asked us for more premium multi-room audio solutions that are as appealing to audiophiles as they are to the average homeowner. We saw this as an opportunity to bring high-fidelity, designer-friendly, multi-room audio solutions to the Control4 product family – a win-win for everyone. Add in the use of native music streaming services, like TIDAL, Deezer, and new-to-2017, Spotify, built into every Control4 system, homeowners can use their Triad speakers to listen to their favourite tunes all over the home. Our dealers are loving having access to a full line of speakers – from home theater, to multi-room audio, to a single solution for a TV room, and even full outdoor systems – the amount of options now available to them makes providing customers with audio systems to meet their individual needs, simpler and more compelling than ever before.

“For years, our dealers and customers have asked us for more premium multi-room audio solutions that are as appealing to audiophiles as they are to the average homeowner.”

Over the years we’ve also learned that customers want great sound throughout the home, but they don’t necessarily want to see it. Offering audio solutions that blend into the décor or can be hidden away in an AV rack are of particular focus. A major differentiator that Control4 has to offer its dealers and customers is the customisation element of the Triad line. Triad speakers are built to order and can be custom designed at the factory to match any wood veneer, paint finish, and size – for example, designing a soundbar to the exact width of a client’s TV. Some of the most positive feedback we’ve had since acquiring Triad is regarding our ability to custom match speakers to various elements of the home. Customers love that our audio solutions provide noticeably superior sound, but the equipment doesn’t clash with their décor.

We have invested heavily into improving Triad’s production capabilities with new equipment and CNC machines – among other improvements – that have helped us improve efficiencies, quality control and allowed us to amp up production to meet customer demand.

In order to better serve our dealers, the marketing and product teams are systematically rebuilding all Triad dealer and customer materials, including data sheets, quick-start guides, product manuals and other resources to reflect the level of customer service and support that dealers have come to expect from Control4.

Since acquiring Triad, the line has received overwhelming dealer support and record sales – further proving that that audio is an integral part of the smart home. In 2018, we will continue to improve production capabilities and innovate new products to suit dealer needs, while simultaneously educating the consumer on the benefits of investing in high-resolution audio throughout the home.

Kordon Vaughn is senior director of product marketing at Control4

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