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Why Dynaudio’s launch of a CI product line is a big deal for installers

Following 40 successful years in the US market, Dynaudio is breaking into EMEA with a new line of products specifically designed for the custom installation market.

Dynaudio is poised to make big waves in the CI sector with a dedicated in-wall and ceiling line for the home drawing on the Denmark-based manufacturer’s vast experience in the premium HiFi, professional studios and automotive industries. HiddenWires finds out more.

Who exactly are Dynaudio?

Founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, Dynaudio have more than 40 years of experience in producing high-end speakers. We are a leading producer of hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers created by impassioned music lovers for your home, the professional studio or your car.

Sound is our number one priority, our mission is to create the most authentic and honestly reproduced sound possible. This means to reproduce music or movie soundtracks that sound as close as possible to the natural experience, we strive to be authentic. After 40 years, Dynaudio are still designing and manufacturing all of their drivers in-house, from the ground up.

Dynaudio S4 LCR DVC home cinema without grilles

What are we renowned for?

In order to reproduce the “Authentic Fidelity” we strive for we have refined our drivers over the years but have a few key technologies that are consistent over the years Dynaudio has been making speakers.

The company’s most iconic premium loudspeaker, the Consequence, was launched in 1983 and still sells today. In 1986 the first iteration of the Contour was launched, this brought Dynaudio to a wider market and the latest generation of the Contour is still part of the product range now.

This was followed by launching the world’s first truly active and wireless high-end loudspeakers, the the Xeo range in 2012, among other notable launches.

Soft Dome tweeters – we always use these. Fabric tweeters carry no resonance of their own so don’t “colour” the sound or add in frequencies of their own. In 2002 we launched the renowned Esotar2 tweeter and have been refining this since with completely new tweeter designs in our Special 40 standmount speaker, launched in 2017 and further developments will be used in the all new 2018 Confidence range, coming in October 2018.

MSP Drivers – our woofers always use a single piece of moulded MSP. We devised a way to make these from a single piece of material and attach them to the voicecoil with the need for a dustcap. MSP gives the perfect balance of rigidity and dampening and is moisture-proof, so unlike other cone materials it isn’t affected by moisture or humidity, giving it great performance consistency, no matter the environment. Being able to avoid using a dust cap gives us great control of the midrange. Higher frequencies tend to be produced in the centre of the cone, so we don’t want a separately glued on cap located there which affects the structure of the cone.

Voice coils – we tailor our voice coils to every driver model we produce, using different thicknesses and lengths of aluminium or copper wire to give the perfect amount of control and movement of the voicecoil within the magnetic field. We use a combination of large and small diameter coils depending on the needs of the driver.

DSP – we have learned a lot about DSP from the automotive and pro studio sectors. We have taken this knowledge and implemented it into our XEO & Focus XD active HiFi speaker ranges as well as in our new wireless speaker range - Music.

What investment are we making in our future?

In 2014, Goertek Inc. acquired the majority shares of Dynaudio. Goertek Inc., the world leader in the development and manufacturing of 3D glasses and Bluetooth equipment. Furthermore, they are the absolute top producer of microphones, flat screens and micro loudspeakers/transducers. Goertek Inc. is OEM supplier to the leading brands within the smartphone and gaming categories and can contribute to the development of Dynaudio both in technology and in markets.

Following the Goertek investment, in 2014 Dynaudio opened a new state of the art R&D centre, giving unrivalled abilities to keep re-engineering and advancing our speaker designs. It contains the most advanced digital acoustic chamber in the world, the Jupiter room as well as dedicated facilities for the automotive engineers.

How have we established ourselves in the professional sector?

In 1989 Dynaudio first started making Professional Studio monitors, together with Andy Monroe and Dynaudio Acoustics was founded. Dynaudio Professional speakers can be found in some of the worlds leading recording studios around the world and in 2004 they were selected from a multitude of speaker brands who had all tendered to be the Studio Monitor of choice for the BBC (a relationship still in place today). Dynaudio monitors are used in both music and movie mixing studios and the new Lyd series, designed for Home Mixing Studios, are being adopted around the world.

What is our offering for the Custom Install market?

In 2005 Dynaudio launched a small range of in ceiling speakers but it wasn’t until 2016 that Dynaudio began developing a new CI range and really investing in becoming a serious player in the custom install market. The Studio Series was born, with the aim of bringing our HiFi and studio quality sound reproduction into the custom install channel while creating products that have been designed with custom installers’ feedback. We wanted to make them simple to install, as well as high performance. The range launched in the US in 2017, winning a ‘Best in Show’ Award at CEDIA. The Studio series was officially launched in the UK and Europe in spring 2018.
Dynaudio Installation family product range, white background

In August 2018 we formally appointed Custom AV Distribution as our exclusive distributor to the UK CI channel. CAVD are a specialist distributor focusing on high performance AV solutions (with brands such as Datasat, ADA, Home Theatre Environment, JVC, Agathe and Stewart Flimscreens) and we see them as the perfect partner for us. They’re focused on supplying high performance products to the channel, have great technical understanding of their products and offer great support to their dealers.

The hero product in the Custom Install range is an innovative Modular LCR speaker (pictured below) which allows the specifier to scale the size of the system to match the size of the room or SPL requirements as well as making it possible to avoid existing wall studs across the centre channel. Also in the range are the Studio in ceiling speakers, which come in 6.5-in, 6.5-in dual voice coil and 8-in variants, these all have woofers angled at 18 degrees and adjustable tweeters, allowing them to be accurately directed to the listening area for better sound staging and stereo imaging. There are also 2-way in-wall speakers in a 6.5-in and 8-in woofer sizes.

dynaudio s4-lcr65w speaker vertical half profile

Dynaudio’s Studio range was created to bring the brands heritage in Premium HiFi and Professional recording studio’s to the CI channel. Using Dyanudio’s signature technologies, such as soft dome Esotar tweeters, MSP drivers and large aluminium voice coils which allow the speakers to produce Dynaudio’s distinctively rich, detailed and authentic sound.

The Studio range also utilises a two part, tool-free installation method, allowing you to mount the pre-install frame with simple clips, before inserting the speaker into place. This makes installing the speakers incredibly simple and allows for simple adjustment of the angled in ceiling speakers.

Looking to ISE and 2019 & beyond, we have a strong product roadmap in place to build on the Studio series with concise and CI products which are high performance, well designed and simple to install.

We won’t compromise on Dynaudio’s mission to produce authentic sound but also fully support integrators in meeting the demands of architects and interior designers.

Find out more at dynaud.io/custom


Dynaudio’s Custom Install products are distributed by CAVD in the UK, for enquiries from regions outwith the UK please contact Peter Gibb.