Amina Technologies: Selling, Specifying and Installing Amina Invisible Speakers


Amina Technologies: Selling, Specifying and Installing Amina Invisible Speakers   Overview— To support installation partners, ...

Amina-logo-resizedAmina Technologies: Selling, Specifying and Installing Amina Invisible Speakers

  OverviewTo support installation partners, Amina have developed a new, thorough training course: Selling, Specifying and Installing Amina Invisible Loudspeakers.[weaver_showhide] The response to the courses so far has been excellent. The comment consistently received, is how much more there is to know about specifying and installing Amina product than first realised. Even those who have done numerous installations commented on this! There have been consistent occasions where installers who attended the training promptly booked additional team on subsequent sessions. It is an extremely valuable use of time to attend whether you are familiar with our product or not and included is training on the AIW750E which, as a two panel solution, needs even more care from an installation point of view. Training dates for 2015 Thursday 21/05/15  Amina Huntingdon Thursday 04/06/15  Wickford, Essex Thursday 25/06/15  Central London Thursday 16/07/15  Amina Huntingdon Thursday 20/08/15  Central London Thursday 03/09/15  Amina Huntingdon Thursday 17/09/15  Wickford, Essex Thursday 15/10/15  Central London Thursday 19/11/15  Amina Huntingdon Thursday 03/12/15  Wickford Essex Training will last approximately 5 hours and include a light lunch. To book a place, please send an email to  sales@amina.co.uk AminaTraining costs will be £75.00 + VAT for 2014 dates onward. Payment is required up front in order to book your place.Attendees will receive a voucher on the day of training, entitling them to £100 + VAT off their next order, valid for 6 months.Training for 2014 is now mandatory for new customers and those that haven’t purchased since 2010. The training in detail — Aimed at installers of both custom home automation systems and commercial audio installations, the one day training package includes detailed sections on specifying and installing invisible loudspeaker solutions in both residential and commercial prop- erties together with hints and tips to ensure the best possible result for the end customers. A comprehensive demonstration of Amina Evolution Series products is provided and the reaction to the sound quality generated by this series is one of amazement and delight. Also discussed will be options on installation locations and benefits of these depending on the specific application. The training commences with a explanation of how VPT (Vibrational Panel Technology) is different from conventional loud speakers and considers the opportunities this creates. In addition Amina recognise how difficult it is to sell the “invisible” so provide a range of case studies that can be shared with end customers and pointers on selling and marketing the invisible together with working with key influencers such as architects and interior designers. The aim of the training is to help installers sell, specify and install Amina’s invisible sound solutions with confidence whether they have past experience of using VPT or not and is based on 10 years of experi- ence built up by Amina Technologies since they created the first plaster over loudspeaker. Larger customers are most welcome to attend any of the training sessions however for a group of 5+ Amina would be happy to bring the training (obviously more limited on demonstration options) to you and customise to your requirements. If interested please call on 01480 354 390 to discuss further. www.amina.co.uk [/weaver_showhide]