CEDIA 'Ultra HD' White Paper Now Available in Italian

CEDIA_HD Italian

As part of its efforts to help educate professionals and consumers across the EMEA region on home technology, CEDIA has translated one of its most popular white papers, ‘What is Ultra High Definition and Why Does it Matter?’ into Italian.

Available for free to all CEDIA members in Italy, the document is the sixth in CEDIA’s series of white papers for its growing number of Italian members.  

For many clients and professionals, the new emerging term ‘Ultra High Definition’ is ambiguous and is hard to distinguish amongst the flood of other technology jargon entering the industry, such as 4K, 8K, 1080p, UHDTV and so on. ‘Ultra High Definition: cos’è e perché è importante’ outlines what Ultra HD is and how it has come into effect in recent years. It also answers the common questions surrounding Ultra HD, such as the difference between 1080p and Ultra HD, and offers advice on what Ultra HD products are available.  

The white paper highlights why Ultra HD is favoured by many consumers and discusses its main benefits, including its ability to increase frame rates and wider colour gamut possibilities. This means that all forms of video content such as sports, live events, and even digital photos are made up of more immersive and realistic images than ever before. With the help of external switches, Ultra HD systems can also display up to four HD images at once, allowing users to watch up to four different games, news stations, or other media sources all at once.