CEDIA to Host 'Future Trends' Breakfast in July

Rich Green CEDIA

CEDIA is hosting a Future Trends breakfast event that is open to both members and non-members.

Taking place at Dolby’s European headquarters in Soho Square, London on Friday, 1 July 2016, the event will feature a keynote speech by one of CEDIA’s leading technology instructors, Rich Green, along with a Q&A session with fellow CEDIA instructor and CEDIA EMEA Education Director, Simon Buddle.

After a short morning coffee, Rich Green will take the stage at Dolby’s showroom in London to deliver his popular talk, ‘Future Technologies: The Inside Scoop from Silicon Valley’. Well-known as an expert on futuristic technologies and one of the industry’s most highly regarded innovates, Rich has worked for leading Silicon Valley researchers, CEOs, venture capitalists, anthropologists and business consultants and has many insider facts to share with professionals in the home technology industry.

This fast-paced presentation will touch on new and developing technologies that are expected to develop over the next couple of years, as well as explain what design underpinnings can help industry professionals deliver more humane custom systems. 

“We are delighted to announce Rich Green as our keynote speaker for CEDIA’s Future Trends event,” comments Wendy Griffiths, Executive Director of CEDIA EMEA. “With so much happening right now in Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Natural User Interfaces, IoT, Mobile, Wearables, we are confident that Rich will be able provide all attendees with a unique insight into what to expect in the near and distant future.”

Following Rich Green’s talk, CEDIA Education Director Simon Buddle will take part in a Q&A session. This will give attendees the opportunity to ask one of CEDIA’s most experienced instructors any questions on the future of the industry, new technologies to CEDIA education.

Tickets to this event cost £25 for members, and £50 for non-members. To purchase your ticket, visit www.cedia.co.uk/cedia-events.