Crestron Adds New Designer Course to BIID CPD Programme


Crestron has added another title to its British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) CPD programme.

The course, entitled "Integrating Technology into Residential Design", looks to educate delegates on the increased popularity of connected homes, and how to integrate this technology seamlessly into any design.

“We are excited about including this CPD in our personal development offering,” says Rex Liddiard, Marketing & Events Executive at BIID. “This is a subject that we keep seeing come up in designs for residential and commercial projects. We are often asked about smart homes, so it is great that we can now offer this course to our members to prepare them for these projects.”

The session covers everything from entertainment technology, lighting, environmental control and security, to monitoring and managing a home’s energy usage. Attendees are given advice and examples of how technology can offer increased lifestyle benefits and energy savings, making sure their designs are ready for the homes of today.

“By getting involved at an early stage, an infrastructure can be designed to allow for a connected home, making sure that it enhances the architecture and design, not hinder it,” comments Nick Fichte, Residential Development at Crestron. “By teaching interior designers about the importance of technology, we can help prepare them for the projects they are almost certainly going to come across in the months and years ahead.” showroom.crestron.eu