Rich Green - CEDIA at ISE 2016


This year Rich is taking his talents to ISE. Get to know him and see why his classes are ones you don’t want to miss.

Rich Green is one of CEDIA’s most highly regarded instructors: year after year Home Technology Professionals flock to his classes and connect with the insight he has developed from years of building relationships within Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other brilliant minds. 

Location: All classes will be held at CEDIA Education Area in the Elicium @ ISE 2016
  • “Future Technologies: The Inside Scoop From Silicon Valley” 9th Feb’16 - 09:30  and 11th Feb’16 - 09:30 This popular course provides a new perspective on stampeding technologies, their importance, and how they can make you more profitable. Learn about dozens of new technologies that are emerging from the secret labs of Silicon Valley. This course is a perfect precursor to “Design Thinking & Client Discovery Workshop” where you will learn how to implement these new technologies into cutting edge designs.
  • “Design and Client Discovery” 10th Feb 2016 – 11:30 Design is CEDIA's middle name and is perhaps the most important aspect of a home technology professional’s work. This course will introduce the notion of "Design Thinking" to give integrators the tools they need to perform effective client discovery and needs assessment from a human-centric, end user perspective. We'll explore how design is different from engineering and introduce practical methods you can use for every project, including client interview techniques, radical brainstorming and rapid prototyping to test your ideas well before you "engineer" the project
  • “Sales Estimating and Proposals” 10th Feb 2016 @ 16:00 Estimating and proposal writing are a fine art and must always follow a thorough design process for client discovery and needs assessment. A good design process will reveal the right problems to solve. This course picks up from problem definition and delves into systematic data gathering and estimating techniques that will result in more profitable projects.  We will cover many styles of proposal writing with real examples from successful projects--large and small.
  • “Design Thinking and Client Discovery” 11th Feb 2016 - 14:00 This workshop provides hands-on practice using the methods of design thinking for client discovery and needs assessment. Built upon the “Future Technologies: The Inside Scoop from Silicon Valley” class, this workshop focuses on conducting client interviews by stressing communication techniques to discover true needs. It also covers how to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into your future designs. We’ll discuss the path to end-user empathy and create actionable points of view upon which system designs and user experiences can be optimized.
Registration:  ISE Attendees click here to register for these classes. Price: Early Bird Member (Until 15th January): €65 and Early Bird Non-member (Until 15th January) €85. Member: €80 and Non-member: €105 (from 15th January). If you haven’t registered for ISE 2016 yet, you can register here and use CEDIA’s Invitation Code 706374.