Android TV owners can now tell Google to put on Netflix

Google Assistant has seemingly taken care of what was quite a glaring omission from its OS and will now support the ability for owners of Android TVs to tell their device to put Neftlix on (it’s still working on the ability to deliver popcorn by your side, though).

Google has had no issue powering up Android TVs from Google Home and other Google Assistant devices, but to date, Netflix hasn’t been on the agenda – until now.

Google Assistant is answering the calls of many and rolling out support for Netflix on Android TV devices (as it already does on Chromecast).

It’s still not clear why the feature is only being added in to Assistant's suite now, but the important thing is, it is, in addition to the recently launched NVIDIA Shield and the Xiaomi Mi Box.

They may not be the most dominant force in the TV market, but with an impressive new-look interface (we checked this out on the Sony Master Series AF9 and ZF9 TVs at the recent AWE Expo) things look positive for their continued growth.

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