CEDIA focuses on video resolution in new white paper

A new white paper released by CEDIA tackles the complex subject of video resolution.

Available to CEDIA members, the paper is titled ‘The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution’ and is designed to guide members through the selection, presentation, and consumer description processes for video display and presentation. 

The paper goes into detail about the fundamentals of video resolution and looks at the technical progression of Ultra High Definition, 4K and 8K.

‘The Integrator’s Guide to Video: Resolution’ is the second paper in the three-part Integrator’s Guide to Video series and is another tool for CEDIA’s strategic focus on breaking down complex and ever-changing technologies and standards into easier to grasp concepts for professional in the home technology channel. 

White papers can be downloaded for free by CEDIA members from the Resource Library and on the CEDIA Community platform. For non-members, white papers can be purchased for $99.

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