CEDIA names first two recipients of CEDIA Member of Excellence

ConnectedWorks and Homeplay are the first two integrators to receive a CEDIA Member of Excellence title.

The two UK-based integrators have gained the status by demonstrating and fulfilling the necessary requirements including outstanding commitment to craftsmanship, customer service, certification, and community outreach.

Senior vice president of Industry Engagement, Giles Sutton, thinks that this recognition sets the standards for future recipients of the title. He said: “ConnectedWorks and Homeplay are highly respected among custom integrators. Their recognition as the first-ever CEDIA Member of Excellence recipients raises the bar for the rest of the industry and gives ConnectedWorks and Homeplay an honour that demonstrates to customers and peers that they are, indeed, elite CEDIA member companies.”

ConnectedWorks is a smart home integrator, designing and installing home cinemas, lighting, Wi-Fi, media, and smart home technology projects. In 2018, the company was honoured with a CEDIA Awards in the EMEA region and was a CEDIA Award finalist in 2016. 

Owen Maddock, owner of ConnectedWorks, commented on the designation: “I wanted to highlight our abilities and quality compared to other firms in my region. Once you meet the Member of Excellence criteria, the application process is very straightforward. The designation lets us show off our achievements in a simple and easy to digest format. It’s also great to have impartial, independent confirmation that we really are as good as we like to think.”

Homeplay focuses on creating top quality home cinema and lighting experiences and is also a 2018 CEDIA Award Finalist in the EMEA region. Homeplay owner, James Ratcliffe, said: “The temptation [for customers] to go with the lowest bidder can be strong. We do our best to educate clients as to what makes for a good installation (proper design, planning, execution, aftercare, etc.) and being a Member of Excellence company will be another thing that helps demonstrate that we care about doing things properly.”

To become a CEDIA Member of Excellence, the company must go through a rigorous process verifying qualifications. The requirements include:
• The company should ensure continued customer service by providing three client or customer references from three projects within the last 12 months and two references from CEDIA Trade Supplier Members.
• The company must demonstrate philanthropy by having either one CEDIA volunteer or at least one CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) as a staff member.
• A percentage (based on size) of each company’s full-time technical staff must hold at least one CEDIA advanced certification – ESC-T, ESC-D, or ESC-N Certification (does not include ESC).
• The company has demonstrated exceptional quality by being a finalist/shortlisted or a CEDIA Award winner within the last three years.