CEDIA Propel welcomes cybersecurity specialist guardDog.ai

Guard Dog Solutions, known as guardDog.ai, a company that provides cybersecurity solutions to consumers and businesses, has joined the CEDIA Propel program.

Designed to connect CEDIA members to emerging trends, special offers and innovative technology, Propel gives integrator and individual CEDIA members access to discounted pricing on guardDog.ai’s products and services, including dedicated client monitoring services and other benefits.

As the name suggests, guardDog.ai uses AI-driven network overlay technology to find and protect attempted cyberattacks in as little as two milliseconds. Protecting consumers, small businesses and large enterprises globally, guardDog’s Fido and accompanying Protective Cloud Services allow the customer to mitigate threats to their networked devices without needing dedicated IT support.

The company made its debut appearance at last year’s CEDIA Expo where it was acknowledged as Grand Prize Winner of the TechStarter Five Award, which identifies and acknowledges Launchpad exhibitors strongest in uniqueness and innovation and with the highest potential to make a big impact on the industry.

“CEDIA strives to keep the industry on the cutting-edge of technology and emerging trends, including cybersecurity,” said Ian Bryant, CEDIA senior director of strategic partnerships. “GuardDog is a perfect example of a new, innovative technology that aligns with the mission of the CEDIA Propel program and offers value to the entire CI channel.

“We are excited for CEDIA members to gain exclusive access to guardDog’s solutions and support and to feel pride in the benefits and security that they will now be able to offer their clients.”

Kelly Ryan, executive director of business development at guardDog.ai added: “GuardDog underwent an extensive nine-month vetting process by CEDIA staff and volunteers. Among other things, this led to our successful addition of AI protection to the CEDIA global headquarters. We are honoured to connect with CEDIA members through the Propel program, to bring enterprise level cybersecurity protection to their clients through our affordable, easy-to-install and autonomous managed detection and response solutions.”

Integrator and individual CEDIA members who sign up through the Propel scheme can take advantage of free guardDog certification and training opportunities to develop their skillset and familiarity with the brand.

Members will also receive access to new product developments and white-glove installation, set up, and monitoring. If additional support is needed, members can reach out to guardDog directly through a dedicated technical and sales hotline specifically for CEDIA members.

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