Connected Distribution adds Heritage Acoustics Signature Series to its portfolio

Connected Distribution, the European distributor for US-based Heritage Acoustics, is introducing the Signature Series in-ceiling loudspeakers from Heritage Acoustics to its portfolio.

The range includes five in-ceiling speakers and is recognised by its iconic blue cone finish and the use of larger pivoting dome tweeters, up to 25mm. 

The first model in the range is the 90 watt SS-610, using a 165mm injection moulded polypropylene cone in conjunction with a 19mm soft dome tweeter. Its first order crossover ensures a clean transition from bass/mid to high frequencies and minimal component influence on the sound quality. 

The second model is the SS-610T, a single point stereo variant of the SS-610, with two 19mm tweeter and a dual voice coil bass driver, making it an ideal loudspeaker for small areas where stereo is required but space restricts speaker placement. The SS-610T can handle power of up to 100 watts and reproduces frequencies from 40Hz to 20kHz.


Increased power handling and greater sensitivity is achieved with the SS-620, which replaces the IMPP cone with a Kevlar variant and uses a 25mm titanium dome tweeter. 

The next model up is the SS-630, featuring a 165mm carbon fibre cone, a 25mm titanium tweeter and the ability to make +/-3dB adjustments to the bass and treble responses. 

For a greater bass response, the SS-820 model has a 200mm cone, increasing the low frequency output down to just 35Hz and is capable of handling 120 watts of power. 

The Signature Series range feature a recessed woofer and baffle design, permitting unrestricted airflow to improve low frequency response and more carefully directed high frequency output. 

With three dog-ear fixings, installation is fast and stable and allows installers to work down to 6mm of ceiling thickness.

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