Google Duo audio calls reportedly made available to Google Home speakers

It has been reported by Android Police that Google Duo audio calls is now being rolled out to Google home speakers as well as the Google Home Hub.

Google Duo is a video call service similar to Apple’s FaceTime. In the past, it has been limited to mobile devices, and more recently, Google Home Hub users, even though it has no camera. For Google Home Hub users, the person on the other side of the call will just see the user’s profile picture. 

Google Duo
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However, it has now been discovered that Duo audio calls are available on Google Home speakers. According to a reader of Android Police, one of the set-up instructions told the user that he could use his existing Duo account for audio calls on the Google Home Mini. This has since been backed up by another user.

Google has not yet made any announcements about this feature, but users can check their settings in the Google Home app or on a mobile device to find out if it is available on their devices. 

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