Home Theater Video Design

By CEDIA The updated CEA/CEDIA-CEB23-A: Home Theater Video Design standard will help professionals design, install and calibrate home theater systems to meet consumers’ growing needs and maximize the home theater viewing experience to meet or exceed the commercial theater experience. This bulletin was created by CEA/CEDIA R10 Residential Systems Committee (international panel). To meet those objectives, this document describes: Optimised Room layout and environment/system design Image performance objectives/specifications Recommended practices for image evaluation and calibration “A successful home theater experience will realistically reproduce images created by the director and allow the viewer to become fully immersed in the program material,” said Dave Pedigo, CEDIA Senior Director of Technology. “The revision of CEA/CEDIA-CEB23-A outlines theater installation and performance recommendations for the design of high-performance home theaters.” This price is inclusive of VAT: Price for CEDIA Members: 12.99 GBP Price for non-members: 18.99 GBP www.cedia.co.uk/cda_whitepapers.php?action=view&id=PFNKC3368791

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