NETGEAR looks at home office in podcast

NETGEAR has published episode two of its Switched on Thinking podcast that looks at the ‘Home Office of the Future’.

The recently launched podcast, Switched on Thinking, usually discusses the real-world business networking challenges faced by SMBs and SMEs in the workplace. But this week, the episode discusses the importance of establishing a work / life boundary, including how to maximise business Wi-Fi performance, efficiency and security, without compromising home life. 

HiddenWires’ summer issue, which comes out in a couple of weeks, will feature this topic, where NETGEAR’s Kieran Purdie, NETGEAR’s pro AV channel manager and technical manager comments on various security and bandwidth issues when it comes to working from home and solutions to get around that. 

Hosted by renowned author and tech columnist, Neil C. Hughes, episode two of Switched on Thinking also features Doug Cheung, NETGEAR’s global product line manager.

“As workforces transform from office to home or hybrid working models, we need to look at the speed, efficiency and security of our home networks, and create clear boundaries between home and work, both in terms of life and how we implement Wi-Fi technology,” commented Cheung. 

“At NETGEAR, our aim is to make Wi-Fi-connected technology work together to fundamentally improve productivity, communication efficiency, and ultimately make employees happier. I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to discuss these important topics on the podcase with Neil.”

The episode covered the importance of the work / life boundary, as well as the major topic of security, highlighting the importance of robust protections against cyber-criminals, which are increasingly targeting home worker as the weakest point of entry into corporate networks. 

He also looks at the future of Wi-Fi and wireless communications, including Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. 

The NETGEAR Switched on Thinking podcast is available on Spotify, Pandora, Apple and all popular podcast hosting platforms.