No better way than this to become a professional installer?

Smart homes and buildings, IoT solutions, security… Every day we can read about new solutions, new inventions and new gadgets. It is obvious – “smart living” is a major trend at the moment with its peak yet to be reached. However, being on constant lookout for the peak, we tend to forget about one thing, which is more important: The base!

Webinar invitation: “Electrical and Installation Considerations for Installers”

Implementing a project is way more than just handing over a remote control to your customer or explaining how to use an app on your phone to control the light. The whole planning process, implementation and also further maintenance are parts of a high-quality integration, which needs to be done by a professional. As covered in the previous articles, such as about the common base for smart homes and buildings, the choice about the right system and others, it is now more than ever crucial to be able to implement the right system and respond to all your customer’s requirements.

Questions, such as the right transmission media, their individual advantages, all the way to wiring and not to forget the actual workflow within a project are key to a successful project, not only resulting in time and money saving, but also in better results, which will require less maintenance. Furthermore, as requirements and desires also can change over the years, to already counter possibly happening events, such as the integration of remote access and remote maintenance to the project will not only have the obvious advantages, they also constitute a further selling point for you.

“Sure, all these tasks are taken over by trained professionals, but what about those, which are starting their career?”

Of course, after having had a look on Google, we can learn about certified trainings all over the world, online tutorials and much more on the internet, but many of them either take time and money or only scratch the surface. However, KNX Association now offers the solution: Free interactive webinars!

Like in a classroom, webinars offer learning possibilities and direct interaction with the presenter, who can answer your individual questions. The sessions, usually taking 1 hour, are the perfect start in order to acquire more knowledge for your profession.

man fixing cabling and wiring in knx smart home

Webinar recommendation: “Electrical and Installation Considerations for Installers”

KNX Association invites you to join the free webinar for installers. This webinar covers various topics from the basic concepts of bus technology, the KNX installation as such as well as maintenance. Register here for the webinar on the 27th of April here.