Panasonic reveals transparent OLED display design

Last week saw yet another display concept focused on fitting in with the interior décor of a modern home when Panasonic revealed its design for a transparent OLED display.

Panasonic is the latest company to show an idea for a TV revolved around how it will look in the modern living room. Last week, we reported that Bang & Olufsen unveiled the Beovision Harmony TV, designed to be partially hidden when not in use. And other recent launches from LG and Samsung have shown the companies playing with design ideas to make TVs more attractive or multiuse in the home. 

The transparent OLED display, which was unveiled as a design concept at the Solone del Mobile in Milan, is made to look like a glass cabinet. The wooden frame appears to hold a pane of glass and is designed to blend in with a modern living space. When the device is switched on, the glass panel turns into an OLED TV display. 

Panasonic transparent OLED 2
The image of the transparent OLED when turned off. Photo: Panasonic

Scandinavian-based designer Daniel Rybakken and Panasonic Design Kyoto came up with the display concept. The wooden frame design doubles as a stand for the device as well as cleverly concealing the technological components. 

The display is lit with a lightning element, also housed in the wooden frame, that can also provide the option of ambient lighting when not in use. 

Currently just a concept, Panasonic are seeking feedback in order to produce the device in the future.