Quantum Data Unveils Handheld Video and Audio Tester with HDBaseT Interfaces

First-of-its-kind HDBaseT handheld testing equipment underscores the increasingly widespread adoption and impact of HDBaseT technology in...

First-of-its-kind HDBaseT handheld testing equipment underscores the increasingly widespread adoption and impact of HDBaseT technology in the market Quantum Dataâ„¢, a worldwide provider of video test equipment, and the HDBaseT Alliance, the cross-industry group tasked with promoting and advancing HDBaseT technology, has announced the availability of a new 780 series test instrument—the 780C Multi-Interface Interoperability Tester equipped with HDBaseT transmitter and receiver ports. Highlights: - The 780C test instrument is a portable A/V generator and analyzer that supports quick, verification testing and troubleshooting of digital video devices and video distribution networks including ultra high-definition devices with 4K-capability. - The 780C adds HDBaseT Tx and Rx interfaces in addition to HDMI, 3G-SDI and analog ports for testing both source and sink video devices. - Among the many HDBaseT- related applications available, professionals can conduct video functional tests of HDBaseT sources and sinks, verify video and timing from an HDMI source device through an HDBaseT distribution network, verify HDCP authentication, view sink EDIDs, test handling of EDIDs by sources and HDBaseT distribution devices, view incoming metadata packets, check cable quality and more. - Because the 780C is equipped with both Tx and Rx digital video ports for multiple interface types—HDMI, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI—it is ideally suited for testing video devices with heterogeneous digital interface types such as HDMI/HDBaseT switches, distribution amps, converters, etc. - The 780C can also be used to monitor hot plug events as well as HDCP transactions and EDID exchanges occurring over the Display Data Channel (DDC) between HDBaseT and/or HDMI devices. - The 780C’s 7” touch screen features 800 x 480 resolution for operation and viewing status. “HDBaseT installations have become common place, so it was only natural for us to extend our handheld testing equipment to cover this technology. Given HDBaseT’s usage of LAN cables and especially their ability to be field terminated, a portable tester is an easy decision for engineers and installers involved in developing devices using this technology,” says Chuck Evans, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Quantum Data, Inc. “As the HDBaseT Alliance celebrates more than 100 member companies, the introduction of such portable testing equipment is a significant addition to the ecosystem of HDBaseT products and solutions. As a contributor member of the Alliance, Quantum Data has played a fundamental role in the creation of the Alliance’s certification program, and they continue to positively influence the directions we take,” says Micha Risling, Chair of the Marketing Committee at the HDBaseT Alliance. www.quantumdata.com

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