Russound Introduces Interactive XStream eBook Selling Tool For Dealers

Detailed E-Book Illustrates XStream Whole-House Audio System’s Features And Benefits For Customers Whole-house audio market innovator,...

Detailed E-Book Illustrates XStream Whole-House Audio System’s Features And Benefits For Customers Whole-house audio market innovator, Russound, has produced an interactive e-book designed to help dealers sell its XStreamâ„¢ X5 decentralized wireless “audio everywhere” system. With 69 pages of color images, illustrations, diagrams, and charts, dealers can walk potential customers through the entire system or focus on specific elements of interest using a laptop or tablet. It is now available through Russound sales representatives. The XStream e-book is available free from the popular iBooks iOS store and as a PDF download on the Russound document center. “We know that there is a tremendous interest in whole-house audio, as nearly every homeowner who enjoys music is a potential customer,” said Charlie Porritt, CEO of Russound. “The challenge is that not everyone is familiar with the technology that is available today, that this isn’t a futuristic concept but rather a tangible, affordable amenity that will enhance their everyday lives while adding value to their homes. “We created this in-depth, interactive guide to provide our dealers with a sales tool that can overcome these challenges, clearly detailing the features of our XStream X5 system and explaining its advantages in a way that consumers can easily understand,” added Porritt. “And the interactivity allows them to tailor the sales experience to the specific needs of each individual customer in a way that traditional collateral cannot. In a way, this sales tool as flexible is as the system it’s selling.” The new XStream e-book is easy for dealers to master. Its intuitive design and layout progresses naturally through the sales experience, from determining which system is right for the customer to drilling down into the advantages of specific components. It also covers installation and upgrades. XStream: The New Standard in Custom Installation Flexibility Designed for flexibility, integration, and performance, Russound’s XStream is the next logical step in the whole-house audio market. It integrates both wired and wireless systems to offer dealers maximum installation flexibility – and profit opportunities. XStream can seamlessly connect with an existing home network, without the additional expense of gateways or proprietary network devices. Dozens of X5 zones can be installed with the number of content streams limited only by the home network's bandwidth. All connectivity is supported by following WiFi standards that are designed for optimization of high-speed data transmissions.

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