Russound Ushers in 2015 with New Loudspeaker Models

Russound is following up its CEDIA Expo 2014 product debuts with delivery of multiple loudspeaker models first unveiled at last year’s sh...

Russound is following up its CEDIA Expo 2014 product debuts with delivery of multiple loudspeaker models first unveiled at last year’s show. The launch features the Acclaim speaker series’ new line of edgeless speakers, together with the new P75 and P125 dual-source amplifiers, the adaptable EZB‐8 Speaker Connecting Block, and the ALT‐126R wall‐mounted volume control. [caption id="attachment_7581" align="alignright" width="272"] The Acclaim edgeless bezel in-ceiling/in-wall speaker.[/caption] The Acclaim Edgeless Bezel In-Ceiling/In-Wall speakers feature an ultra-shallow profile that vanishes into wall spaces and ceilings. Magnetically attached grilles can be painted to match any décor. Part of the Acclaim story is another innovation, NeoDrive, which the company says significantly reduces size and weight of the woofer magnet. The advanced, proprietary neodymium magnet motor structure behind NeoDrive reengineers the heaviest part of the speaker, cutting its heft by almost 90 percent over traditional ferrite. Acclaim has also reduced speaker-mounting depth by an average of nearly 20 percent. Acclaim speakers are available in 6-inch and 8-inch models, and offer all of the accessories needed for installation—rough-in brackets, sound-blocking fire-rated backbox, and extra round grilles for replacement or custom painting. Optional square grilles are also available. Accompanying the new Acclaim speakers are two new amplifiers, the P75, 75-watt Dual Source Power Amplifier, and the P125, 125-watt Dual Source Power Amplifier, both of which feature integrated front-panel speaker selectors. Optimized for use with Russound speakers, impedance matching volume controls and speaker selectors, the units crank at 75 Watts and 125 Watts, respectively, per channel into 4-Ohms. This is ideal to drive up to two pairs of 8-ohm speakers, for pumping power to an individual zone, or to place additional loudspeakers in an installation. [caption id="attachment_7578" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Russound's P125 dual-source amplifier[/caption] Both models feature consumer-friendly features like front-panel volume and balance controls, and auto-source switching. This capability automatically switches between two sources, for example, a whole-home audio source, and a secondary source like a set-top box or outboard audio device. [caption id="attachment_7585" align="alignleft" width="224"] ALT‐126R Volume Controls[/caption] The P-75 and P-125 are bridgeable, for even higher output levels to accommodate large outdoor zones or any spaces where extra power is required.  The P125 offers the additional convenience of using a speaker-level input as one of the two sources, enabling integration with an even wider array of products while keeping automatic source switching as an option. Complementing Acclaim edgeless bezel speakers and the P-series amplifiers is the ALT‐126R Volume Control with an easy‐access impedance magnification selector. Designed to save installers time and money, the ALT‐126R’s adjustable impedance magnification with the convenient front-mounted switch makes it easy. The ALT-126R offers strong audio handling, rated for 126 Watts peak, with a continuous rating of 42 Watts RMS. This volume control has a generous 48dB of attenuation, making it able to quiet even the loudest sources without degrading sound quality. Additionally, 12 Pop‐Free rotary steps enable a wide range of seamless adjustments without interrupting active audio programming. [caption id="attachment_7587" align="aligncenter" width="486"] EZB‐8 Speaker Connecting Block[/caption] Russound has also unveiled the EZB‐8 Speaker Connecting Block, an expandable wiring solution that enables simplified installations by using well‐labeled screw‐down connectors, rather than antiquated approaches like wire nuts terminating multiple speaker wire bundles. Designed to fit easily inside a structured wiring can, the EZB‐8 can also be easily mounted to a wall, or any flat surface at the job site.  

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