Samsung debuts 10-metre 3D cinema screen at ISE

We had already seen the result of Samsung’s strong backing of screen technology over projection in the form of its massive 10.4m (34 foot) Cinema LED screen last year, but now Samsung have put a 3D spin on the screen for your viewing pleasure.

Samsung are pitching the large display as brighter and less likely to cause dizziness (and fewer headaches) than other 3D technology on the market, as well as offering a whole host of benefits LED screens can offer.

The Korean manufacturer has long preached that the problem with how we currently enjoy 3D films at the cinema (and perhaps a reason why they’re remain to be hugely popular among filmgoers) is the fairly huge reduction in brightness and resolution that’s become commonplace.

"The screen is dark as if the viewers are wearing sunglasses in the theatre. The brightness is already halved, and with the 3D glasses that audience must wear, it becomes a one-third level compared to other 2D films," commented Dongsoo Koo from Samsung. "The resolution is halved too."

With Samsung’s 3D Cinema LED screen the same level of brightness is on offer as the original version of its screens – which naturally, Samsung says is as much as 10 times brighter than regular projector screens, even when viewers are donning 3D glasses.

Koo says viewers won’t get at dizzy or get headaches when watching 3D content due to an algorithm that stops crosstalk between what your right and left eyes see.

Samsung were also keen to Samsung's 3D screen offers minimal distortion wherever a viewer may be sat in a cinema. Koo added: "When watching in the conventional 3D theatre, the image becomes darker or distorted as people go to the edge of the theatre, but 3D Cinema LED has significantly improved the problem.”

This may be purely a commercial-targeted move for now, but it will be interesting to see whether Samsung perhaps to revitalise the rather limited fortunes of 3D cinema technology in the home later down the line.