Secucloud Showcases Secure Smart Home Solutions

Software is increasingly becoming a part of our lives, with compact and practical devices facilitating our everyday tasks. The mass media...

Software is increasingly becoming a part of our lives, with compact and practical devices facilitating our everyday tasks. The mass media often talks about technologies for smart homes, smart metering and the internet of things– and they are beginning to find their way into our conversations. But one thing is lacking: the awareness that threats like Trojans, worms, ransomware and digital spies are not limited to PCs. Cybercriminals and spies are already rubbing their hands with glee at the increasing digitalization of our day-to-day activities. Their next target will be the smart home. That makes it even more important that simple, easy-to-understand security solutions are available that protect our homes from digital break-ins. And this is the goal of secucloud. The German exhibited its solutions to protect tomorrow’s homes from eavesdropping at the Security 2014 show in Essen, on the North Rhine Westphalia Criminal Investigation Bureau booth. Secucloud’s participation at Security 2014 was part of a collaboration between the SmartHome Initiative Deutschland association and the North Rhine Westphalia Criminal Investigation Bureau, which is heading up a program known as ProPK (state and federal crime prevention). “The increasing digitalization and interconnection of home and household technologies is wonderful in some ways,” notes Dennis Monner, founder and CEO of secucloud. “But it can be frightening too, because it brings with it a dramatic increase in things that cybercriminals and spies can attack. Security isn’t just a question of software any more – those days are gone. There are just too many devices and device manufacturers involved. We need far greater awareness in the industry that security has to be designed in to devices and solutions right at the beginning – at the development stage. This is why we’re a member of SmartHome Initiative Deutschland, work closely with other members, and participated on the joint stand with the North Rhine Westphalia Criminal Investigation Bureau at Security 2014.” Security: simple and affordable More and more devices are connected to the internet. The associated dangers – such as fraud, sabotage or spying – demand comprehensive security mechanisms that can be used by anyone, not just specialists and technophiles. But even that will not be enough to ensure they are accepted by the citizens of today. Security in the era of the internet of things must also be so inexpensive that nobody needs to do without protection for financial reasons. Secucloud has achieved both of these goals: technical simplicity and an attractive price. The secucloud security mechanisms, which defend users against cybercrime and spying attempts, are located in a private cloud for each individual customer and protect all the connected devices, whether they belong to private households or companies. As a cloud solution, no software installation or configuration is required and everything – including updates – runs automatically in the background. Whatever their device – desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, smart meters or smart fridges – users benefit from security technologies that, until now, have only been available to large enterprises with plenty of financial muscle. Users also benefit from secucloud’s extremely attractive subscription prices.

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