Software update for LanTEK III cable certifier approved by Belden for 4K UHD media cable testing

The latest IDEAL Networks LanTEK III cable certifier has received a software update, version 3.215, which includes special test limits for Belden 2183 4K UHD media cabling to assist installers as the demand to certify cables that support 4K video continues to grow.

The update offers three new test configurations: Permanent Link or Channel tests using Cat 6A Permanent Link adapters and Direct Attach tests, requiring Cat 6A Permanent Link adapters with special female-to-female RH45 couple, available from Belden.

The manufacturer database on the LanTEK III certifier has added the Belden 2183P (Plenum) 4K UHD media cable and Belden 2183R (Riser) 4K UHD media cable to add further test support of Belden cabling installations.

The new update means Channel tests with Cat 5e, 6, 6A and Class D, E, EA cabling no longer require field calibration of patch cords and can now be performed with a mix of patch cords between tests. LanTEK III will notify the user if field calibration is required for any speciality tests. 

Other features included in the software update includes general language and bug fixes to enhance the user experience. 

The free software update is available to download now from the IDEAL Networks website.