Sonos speakers adds Google Assistant in the UK

Sonos speakers are now compatible with Google Assistant in the UK via a free update, six months after it was implemented in the US.

Google Assistant is the second built-in voice assistant to be featured with Sonos, with users able to choose an assistant for each individual speaker, allowing for multiple voice assistants on a single system.

Users can start a song with Google Assistant and ask Alexa what’s playing or vice versa.

Sonos will support Google Assistant’s party actions and features, including continued conversation, broadcast mode and the ability to choose a different voice for the assistant.

Google Assistant on Sonos includes more than one million actionsfrom partner products, with additional features and actions available through ongoing updates.

Users can access Google Assistant’s system control, music news and radio as well as control for TV with Sonos Beam, connection with smart home systems and access daily briefs, flight informations, timers and more.

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