The CEDIA Designer introduces Performance Facts beta

A new feature has been added to The CEDIA Designer (TCD) as a beta version which focuses on verifiable brand quality for manufacturers to improve product selection decisions for integrators.

Representing a breakthrough in product selection for home entertainment, Performance Facts allows integrators to choose products based on performance objectives rather than by subjective measures such as brand preference and budget.

The new feature presents quantifiable data from manufacturers to entertainment space designers and decision-makers to allow them to select products based on performance objectives, which is a first for this industry according to CEDIA.

The first phase of the initiative will include product categories such as speakers, amplifiers, and processors.

“The introduction of Performance Facts in The CEDIA Designer marks a new era of media room and home cinema space design,” said Guy Singleton, creator of The CEDIA Designer. “We see Performance Facts as a way for quality manufacturers to elevate their brands in front of the critical audience of integrators. Brands that can demonstrate – with proven data – the calibre of their products can wear their designation as Performance Facts compliant as a badge of honour.”

Currently in the beta phase, CEDIA plans to roll out the Performance Facts feature permanently in TCD once more brands share their objective data and come aboard. CEDIA is encouraging existing TCD brands to come forward as Performance Facts pioneers and coordinate information sharing for consideration of inclusion in the feature.

Ian Bryant, CEDIA senior director of strategic partnerships added: “Performance Facts is a gamechanger for TCD and also the industry as it will raise the bar on quality and transparency for technical, performance-based room design. The initiative is years in the making and has come together through cooperation of a consortium of industry professionals who have come together to make it happen. If you’re a manufacturer that possesses these data points, we encourage you to supply them and help your brand stand out.”

Discussions are being held between CEDIA and the CEDIA Technology Council about a more robust rollout of the Performance Facts concept beyond its inclusion in TCD. Details will be shared as they become available.

CEDIA members can get complimentary access to the Media Room level of TCD and preferred pricing on additional levels of the software.