Tidal streaming comes to Amazon Echo speakers

Some may see 'audiophile’-quality music streaming and owning an Amazon Echo Dot as not going hand in hand, but Amazon has announced that its Echo speakers now support Tidal, just in case.

Hi-fidelity music fans rejoice – if you’re in the US, Tidal can now be enjoyed from your Echo speakers via a dedicated skill. (If you’re outside the US, you may have to wait a little, sorry).

Users simply have to connect your account to access their favourite playlists and albums (or the odd Beyoncé exclusive) via mere voice command. This either can be set at the default music control setting, otherwise “on Tidal” will have to be slipped on to the end of every command naturally.

The Amazon Alexa integration train continues, but aside from adding another option to Amazon Music and Spotify, one has to wonder if Amazon should not be prioritising ramping up the audio performance of its speakers so people can enjoy the Tidal experience how it’s meant to be.