Ultra HD Forum outlines standards for next generation of 4K TV

It may still be early days for 4K TV broadcasting, but those over at the Ultra HD Forum have been hard at work making sure “Phase B” delivers quality performance that ensures demand continues to be high for 4K displays.

High frame rates naturally are a must, with the Forum outlining a target of 100FPS and 120FPS video (dependant on location), with a backup for 60FPS. Dynamic HDR is also outlined as a requirement, delivered chiefly via Dolby Vision and SL-HDR.

Improved audio is a significant part of the agenda, with AC-4 and MPEG-H pinpointed as the delivery technology to provide audio equipped for anything, including surround sound setups.

Even though these requirements are set to ramp up the need for bandwidth, the Forum is betting on Content Aware Encoding to lower demand – meaning not all manufacturers and broadcast companies currently set up to handle 4K may have to make changes.

Although such developments may sound exciting, it’s sadly going to be a long way off coming to a TV near you any time soon – but the above is an indication of the hardware and services we can expect to have at our disposal in the near future.

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