Velbus integrates with Control4 thanks to new Janus Technology driver

A new driver from Janus Technology allows Velbus, the modular home automation system widely deployed in mainland Europe, to seamlessly integrate with Control4.

This new development is set to increase the adoption of Velbus hardware and software technology in smart home applications across the UK.

“The Velbus system is reliable, affordable and simple to use, with a great range of stylish keypads,” said Richard Caton, managing director of Janus Technology. “It is no wonder it has proven popular in Europe and has been gaining ground in mid-market projects in the UK in recent times.

“With the addition of this new Control4 driver, the Velbus system now has an app interface and can be easily integrated as part of a broader home automation solution, opening a range of new technology options and business opportunities for AV integrators and electricians.”

Stuart Hanlon, director at MDAR, the exclusive UK importer of Velbus added: “Velbus has been active in Europe for over 20 years and in the UK for over 10 years. Demand for the product has continued to grow because it is a quick to install, robust and very cost-effective solution.

“With Velbus, integrators and electricians can access a combined heating and lighting control solution, complete with an attractive range of switches and interfaces that beat anything currently available in the UK. This new driver is a gamechanger in the market and we look forward to supporting more and more customers as they take advantage of what Velbus can bring to their installations.”

Both functional and stylish, the Velbus range of panels combine thermostats and timers with LED feedback as standard in gloss or frosted glass finished panels.

The Velbus system is fully modular and offers effortless recovery from power outages and is not reliant on Control4 for mission critical operation, reducing the commissioning time for installers.


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