WyreStorm Launches its Enado Multi-Platform Control System at CEDIA EXPO 2014

The best things come to those who wait and the WyreStorm Enado control solution promises to be well worth it with the launch at CEDIA 201...

The best things come to those who wait and the WyreStorm Enado control solution promises to be well worth it with the launch at CEDIA 2014 of this revolutionary multi-platform, browser-based control system capable of controlling connected devices at any location from any location in the world with internet access. WyreStorm, a global manufacturer specializing in the design and development of innovative Total AV Distribution and Control Solutions for electronic systems integrators, launch their much anticipated Enado multi-platform control system at CEDIA14, September 10-13. The Enado control interface combines powerful hardware and innovative software to provide installers with a more affordable, integrator and user-friendly solution for end-to-end control and support of HD AV distribution systems and its electronics in rooms and properties of any type or size anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. The intuitive browser-based user interface is compatible with any Internet-enabled device and is paired with a 1U, 19” rack-mounted WyreStorm Enado Controller, featuring 16 assignable IR ports, integrated IP ports and array of contact closures with built-in secure Wi-Fi for connection to any local Internet-enable devices. The result for integrators is an affordable, scalable, out of the box control system for A/V distribution quite unlike anything else on the market. To the end user, Enado acts as a traditional APP, easily accessible via any iPad, Android device or smartphone; but behind the unassuming simplicity of the Enado interface is a robust, innovative and powerful software/hardware product designed to be installed without programming experience—all offered at a competitive industry price point. For the integrator, Enado’s innovative software makes installation and configuration a breeze with a browser-based configuration tool requiring no programming, supported by a comprehensive IR database and a built-in device editor and IR learner so new devices can be created quickly and easily. Including live video streaming previews on the control device, WyreStorm’s market-leading “single real-time update technology” enabling updates across the entire system from any Internet point in real time and an automatic recognition and delivery of correct visual format for any connected device regardless of the operating system, device type or screen orientation, Enado features a host of system-enhancing functions to add value to residential integrations of any size or type. Enado Control Solution is scheduled to ship October 2014 - MSRP of under $2000.00 with no limit to connected devices. www.wyrestorm.com/catalog/enado-control-solution

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