Yamaha Announces New Mid-Range AV Receivers and Blu-Ray Players

Yamaha has been a long standing part of the home theatre industry; since the original Surround Processor, the DSP-1, in 1985 we have prod...

Yamaha has been a long standing part of the home theatre industry; since the original Surround Processor, the DSP-1, in 1985 we have produced some of the world’s finest home cinema products ranging from entry level home theatre systems to large 11.2 channel cinema systems. It is therefore with great pleasure that Yamaha is proud to introduce the new RX-V77 series in its entirety; these new models are the R X-V477, R X- V577, R X-V677 and R X-V777 AV Receivers. Accompanying these are our new Blu-Ray players, the BD -S477 and BD -S677. 
For the first time, Yamaha will have integrated WiFi on board the RX-V577 and above. This is a huge step forward for home theatre, meaning proud owners of the upcoming RX-V77 series will be able to connect their home cinema to their home wireless routers with ease. Yamaha will also feature Wireless Direct on compatible receivers, allowing a 1 to 1 connection to an external device for control and streaming. For example we can now connect an RX-V577 to a tablet or smartphone and control the receiver using the updated Yamaha AV Controller App, and streaming songs from our device to the receiver without the need for a wireless router. Along with the new AV Receivers and Blu-Ray players, our Yamaha AV Controller App will be updated to version 4.0; giving us some new, fun and interesting features. Not only has the interface had a facelift but Yamaha’s world renowned DSP modes are now easier to modify than ever before. Previously, changing and altering DSP modes was difficult and not easily accessible for everyone. Now all you need to do is pinch and push your way to a smaller or bigger environment using your DSP with ease. There is also an advanced level for altering DSP modes through the app for those that wish to really get involved in the real sound field. HDMI 2.0 will be featured across the range as well, with the RX-V677 and above having full compatibility for 4k ULTRA HD video at 60fps. The RX-V377, RX-V477 and RX-V577 will feature a compatibility mode for HDMI 2.0 as well so you’ll be covered across the board. 4K ULTRA HD really is the future of home cinema and Yamaha supports this format from our entry level receivers. The RX-V377 can pass through a 4K ULTRA HD signal with ease, while from the RX-V677 and above we can upscale a 1080p HD picture to 4K ULTRA HD. You can rest assured that if you have one of the latest Yamaha receivers, you are future proofed. To accompany our Hi-Res video, we must also consider Hi-Res audio. From the RX-V477 and above Yamaha’s receivers support FLAC, WAV and ALAC formats at a maximum resolution of 192kHz / 24 Bit; streamed over a network or played back via USB. Best of all, our AV Receivers can fully support the latest Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio formats so you can always listen to the best in audio. 
We will also be featuring more streaming options than ever before. Yamaha is very pleased to be one of the first partners with HTC to feature the new HTC Connect streaming platform from the RX-V477 and above. Using your HTC device you can send audio from third party apps (such as Tune-In Radio) directly to your Yamaha receiver. Not only this, but we will support Spotify Connect, Napster, Airplay, DLNA, Musicplay, vTuner internet radio and Juke across Europe. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Yamaha AV Receiver without some helpful and useful innovative technologies! • Yamaha’s BASS Expansion mode has been revitalised and can now support speaker configurations of just 2.0 with small speakers. Simply enable this feature to get a better bass response from your system and allow a much clearer, richer bass tone. • The Front Surround DSP modes will enable people with small front only speaker setups to benefit from a virtual surround effect. Similar to what you may find on an entry level Soundbar but with far more effect due to our second to none CinemaDSP processing. This works with any configuration 2.0 up to 7.2 systems if placed at the front. • Not forgetting Yamaha’s own CinemaDSP, the industry leading digital sound processing. Now even easier to use with our new app update for pinch and push control! • ECO Mode included on all AV Receivers means you can use at least 20% less power, in some tests we have a massive reduction in power usage, up to 50%! Our Blu-Ray players will also have some great new features, the most important of which is Miracast. Miracast allows customers to mirror their tablet or smartphone device to their Yamaha Blu-Ray player and play back any content on the device. This could be used for watching films, TV shows or playing games at full HD resolutions while enjoy immersive surround sound audio when combined with a Yamaha AV Receiver and CinemaDSP. Miracast will be supported from the BD-S477 and above. SRP and estimated ETA for new models are as follows: RX-V477 - £359.95 – April 2014 RX-V577 - £499.95 – May 2014 
RX-V677 - £559.95 – Summer 2014 RX-V777 - £659.95 – Summer 2014 
BD-S477 - £159.95 – April 2014 BD-S677 - £259.95 – April 2014 uk.yamaha.com

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