AMX Announces New App to Make Developers Feel at Home


We all know that smart home technology can make the difference between an ordinary home and an extraordinary one, but sometimes having to...

We all know that smart home technology can make the difference between an ordinary home and an extraordinary one, but sometimes having to tools to illustrate this to people outside of the industry can really help. Thanks to a brand new Application, brought to you exclusively by HARMAN’s AMX, it is now possible to take developers on an interactive journey around a number of technology-rich residential spaces; allowing them to visualise, in a way that has simply not been possible before, how integrated technology can make a valuable difference to their schemes. AMX Developer App Now available to download free of charge from the Apple iTunes store, this ground-breaking Application allows developers to navigate their way around a range of differently-sized and differently-specified properties. They’ll discover how integrated AMX technology can enhance both individual homes and MDU developments; allowing them to add value and differentiate their offering, whilst proactively meeting the technological needs of future residents. They’ll find out how AMX systems can operate many elements of a property; managing energy use, controlling temperature, lighting and AV, or dealing with security and communications; ensuring that owners benefit from a unified and centrally managed solution which can be controlled intuitively, at the touch of a button. They’ll discover how, with foresight and planning, an integrated AMX infrastructure will deliver technological functionality and flexibility across a whole development, allowing them to meet virtually any technological requirement that a purchaser has, both now and in the future. Find out how different levels of functionality can be delivered to different areas of a development, over a common backbone, according to the type of dwelling, with entire properties pre-wired to facilitate easy expansion so that everything within the house can be configured and reconfigured as the owner’s needs are identified and evolve. Discover how concierge services can be taken to another level with an integrated and centrally managed solution that can afford an overarching view of the entire building via integration with CCTV security systems, and allows for seamless communication with residents over stylish panoramic control panels. After all, we may know the value of today’s integrated systems, but with this innovative Application you can really bring it home: itunes.apple.com/gb/app/amx-residential-solutions/id911322600?mt=8 www.amx.com/eu