AMX Redefines Digital Media Switching with New DGX Enova Line

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Next Generation NX Series Central Control Processor Now Integrated Into the Entire Enova DGX Line ?HARMAN’s AMX announced that all mod...

Next Generation NX Series Central Control Processor Now Integrated Into the Entire Enova DGX Line 
HARMAN’s AMX announced that all models of Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers are now equipped with the industry’s most advanced and reliable central control processor, the revolutionary, new NetLinx NX Series from AMX. This means all Enova DGX models now have the ultra-fast processing power, unrivaled security features and scalability of the new NX Series, with no change in pricing. DGX models (DGX 8, 16, and 32) incorporating the new NX control processors began shipping, effective August 11, 2014. NX Series controllers have been shipping in the Enova DGX 64 chassis since its release in April 2014. AMX Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers 
The new DGX models come with a long list of immediate and valuable enhancements, including a high performance architecture that features a 1600 MIPS processor that can manage the most complex and expansive applications. And with the NX Series under the hood, the Enova DGX is undoubtedly the industry’s most secure and scalable platform, supporting wired 802.1x for enhanced security authentication and IPv6 for the most modern IP addressing. The entire NX controller line was released at InfoComm 2014 in June, and has seen enormous success with dealers, integrators and end users. 
Migrating to the new DGX models is simple and painless as they are fully compatible with code developed for the previous AMX NI Series control processors. Should they wish, existing DGX customers will have the opportunity to upgrade their current DGX switchers with NI Series controllers to the new processor by purchasing a CPU Replacement Kit. Concurrent with this upgrade, AMX is implementing a simplified model numbering scheme for the DGX family to streamline the ordering process. 
The Enova DGX family has been a cornerstone of the digital switching market since its inception in 2011. The DGX functions as the centerpiece of a complete integrated solution that manages and distributes analog and digital audio and video including HDMI/HDCP, control and Ethernet. Built for today's and tomorrow's needs, a comprehensive set of Enova DGX hot swappable boards can be used in conjunction with DXLink Transmitters and Receivers to provide an end-to-end distribution system over twisted pair cable or fiber. 
Availability and Additional Details 
AMX is proud to announce that the DGX 8, 16, and 32 with the new NX Series central control processor begin shipping, effective August 11, 2014. www.amx.com/eu