Anti-spoofing from IntelliVision adds security to face recognition technology


IntelliVision Technologies Corp has announced the addition of anti-spoofing feature to add security to its face recognition technology.

The anti-spoofing technology stops imposters gaining entry by recognising when a known face is presented by printed photo, screen-based images or videos and blocking entry. 

The technology offers different levels of liveness testing depending on the user’s preference. The system can be configured for fast secure recognition or a highly secure recognition but at a slightly slower speed. 

IntelliVision’s face recognition can be implemented on premise servers, over the cloud, or embedded in cameras with multi-core ARM chips. It will soon be commercially available on NSC’s ELAN intelligent touch panels to allow personalisation to smart homes by adding a new level of intuitive convenience to the home control and automation platform. 

Krishna Khadlova, vice president development for IntelliVision commented: “With the growing popularity of facial recognition for access control, security and personalisation, it is inevitable that bad actors will try to fool the system. Special 3D cameras are too expensive for most applications, so we have implemented a ‘liveness’ test which can be used with regular 2D cameras, embedded or server-based.”