AWE Expands Loewe Offerings with Reference UHD TV


UK distributor, AWE has announced that it is expanding its Loewe offering with the new 4K Ultra HD TV. The Loewe Reference 55-inch, Loewe...

UK distributor, AWE has announced that it is expanding its Loewe offering with the new 4K Ultra HD TV. The Loewe Reference 55-inch, Loewe’s new flagship TV. Manufactured in Germany using premium grade materials, the Reference UHD boasts a 4K Ultra HD screen, which is powered by Loewe’s Image+ processing. Picture quality is crisp and vibrant with Loewe’s advanced super-scaling providing an enhanced viewing experience from both SD and HD content. The Reference range, that will also include larger 75-inch and 85-inch options later in the year, benefits from a beautiful and functional anti-reflective, high-contrast glass filter panel. AWE Loewe Reference UHDThe integrated design of the Reference screen enables the TV to house an inbuilt high performance soundbar. The integrated sound system combines 120 watts of amplification with eight speakers, expertly engineered with high-excursion Smart Suspension, advanced FluxForce motors and Momentum Ports to increase the bass.  A virtual 3D surround sound mode is included, and for those seeking a full home cinema set up, the Reference UHD includes built in Dolby/DTS audio decoding, while the integrated sound bar can act as the centre speaker in a 5.1 set up. Complementing the audio and visual capabilities of the Reference UHD is a 1TB hard disk, allowing end users to pause, record and archive content directly onto the TV.  Recordings can even be set remotely from your smartphone using the Loewe Smart Assist app and through the unique Loewe function ‘DR+ streaming’ films and programmes can be accessed from other Loewe TV’s in the network. Additional sharing opportunities are available through Loewe’s ‘Smart tv2move’ app, which turns a tablet into a second TV. Showing either what is playing on the Reference UHD at that moment, or another channel altogether (through the TV’s second tuner) ensures end users will never miss the programmes they love. The Reference UHD also has Bluetooth connectivity inbuilt, allowing the music to be wirelessly streamed from a tablet or smartphone. Available with a optional motorised floor stand and designed to be easily integrated, all Loewe Ultra HD TV’s include RS232.  A Control 4 driver is currently available and this will shortly be joined by drivers for other brands of control system. The Loewe Reference 4K Ultra HD 55-inch TV is available via AWE. This model will be joined by a super-sized 85-inch and 75-inch screen options in August and September, respectively. www.awe-europe.com