SPONSORED 15.01.15

Basalte Extends Asano Family with New A3 Module


Asano is a decentralized multi-room audio system designed by the Belgian company Basalte.

It brings crystal clear music in every room of a building and has been developed for use with KNX. The system combines an unseen flexibility with a smooth and sleek design.

Asano allows you to freely locate your sources and amplifiers anywhere in the building and carries out ultra-clear sound to every zone in a digitally transparent and uncompressed manner. The Asano system is unique because of its flexibility and scalability. The system can connect a virtually unlimited number of zones and up to 250 sources.

The Asano product group is a modular system that consists of various devices. The Asano P1 and the Asano P4 are stereo amplifiers for respectively 1 and 4 zones. Asano N1 is a network node to connect any source to the Asano system. Asano uses uncompressed 24-bit audio over Ethernet to transport audio between the various zones. The system now has been extended with the A3 module that allows you to integrate third-party amplifiers such as surround receivers in the Asano concept. It is also possible to integrate active speakers, like those of Bang & Olufsen.

With A3 you can connect up to three zones and two local sources. If a source is connected to one of the inputs, this source immediately becomes a source for all the other zones of the Asano system. Basalte already won two prestigious awards with Asano: the “IF product design award” and the “Reddot Award”. These labels are internationally amongst the most important prizes for innovative product design and are for Basalte a recognition of their continuous work towards simplicity, quality and beautiful design.