CEDIA announces 2018 ‘Volunteers of the Year’

Sam Woodward, Lutron and CEDIA volunteer, headshot

CEDIA has revealed the three members it will be recognising as its ‘Volunteers of the Year’ across three categories – new volunteer, training volunteer, and overall volunteer.

The organisation’s staff have nominated the following on behalf of their individual efforts and contributions to “helping to develop and refine CEDIA programmes and offerings”:

Amanda Wildman - TruMedia - Volunteer of the Year

“Amanda joined CEDIA, attended her first CEDIA show, and became a CEDIA Outreach Instructor all in 2013, and there was no going back for her after that. Amanda has been 'all in' as a CEDIA volunteer serving on the Business Working Group, the CEDIA Designation Task Force, the Workforce Development Working Group, and instructing at the show. Amanda also frequently volunteers her time to help onboard new CEDIA members. Amanda loves walking new members through all the benefits the association has to offer, and it is not uncommon for her to declare every benefit as her favourite. She is well known among her peers for her incredible enthusiasm and willingness to share her experiences to help others succeed.”

Sam Woodward - Lutron - Training Volunteer of the Year

“Sam has been an active CEDIA volunteer since 2016: He has been a member of the CEDIA Technology Council and the Co-Chair of the joint CTA/CEDIA R10 Standards body which develops standards and recommended practices for the installation of technology in the residence. In April, Sam was promoted to chair of the R10 standards body.  Sam has gone the extra mile with volunteering, weaving it into his busy work and travel life. No matter the task at hand, Sam is energetic, eager to learn, teach, and share information with others. Sam's enthusiasm for teaching, producing documents, and podcasts, and general guidance are just a few of the things that make him so deserving of this award.”

Lina Maria Villa- Audio Concept - New Volunteer of the Year

“Lina Maria joined CEDIA in 2016 and has been active with the association ever since. This year, Lina Maria has volunteered to teach two classes per month in Colombia alternating between Bogota and Medellin. Lina Maria will continue teaching these classes over the next 10 months, providing unprecedented access to CEDIA education in the Colombia market. In addition, Lina Maria has also taught distributors, architects, and engineers about the importance of CEDIA’s education and certification programs.”

CEDIA will recognise the volunteers for each of their contributions at the CEDIA Awards 2018, hosted at Petco Park on Wednesday 5 September, 2018, the day before the showfloor opens for the CEDIA show in San Diego.

Tickets for the awards can be purchased online on the expo’s website.

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